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    Well, I've had my Treo for about 5 days now and 2 of those 5 have been weekend days. I've hardly used any peak minutes, but when I went out to the website and checked my usage, it says I've used 221 minutes!!! WTF?? I called Verizon support and they are idiots there, the lady said "she has no idea why I could have had so many minutes used in 3 days". But, I think it has to do with wireless synch and the web. I haven't been choosing "disconnect" when i browse the web on my phone.. or get new emails when synching. That may be causing the connection to stay open, thus draining the minutes. Arghhh...

    Peak Minutes: 221
    Off Peak Minutes: 741
    Weekend Minutes: 0
    IN-Network Calling Peak: 55
    IN-Network Calling Off Peak: 0
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    Quote Originally Posted by fazworld
    I called Verizon support and they are idiots there
    That is why I am still with Sprint after 5 find them anywhere you go. They are taking over the world!!!
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    You are not alone fazworld! I've had my TREO only 5 days, yet my account shows over 3000 minutes!!! I have made few calls and used the Internet sparingly. I talked to two people at Verizon and they told me I did NOT have to manually disconnect after using the web. I was told that switching to a palm application would automatically end the web connection. However, the second Verizon person asked someone higher up and then told me that I DID have to manually "disconnect" from the web or else the connection would stay open and my minutes would be drained. That explains what happened and I will now be seeking a credit to my account. I'm scared to death to use the phone now!

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