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    I'd love to hear from any experienced Treo users who have had a chance to fully check out the Verizon version. (I am considering switching from Sprint, coverage for me is much better on Verizon.) I am not interested in the pricing differences, just performance.

    - Data- is the speed, the initial lag in connecting, etc. exactly the same as the Sprint network?

    - Battery- is it about the same as the Sprint Treo?

    - Any other differences noticed from the Sprint version?


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    i tested the data on my VZW vs a sprint one and it was at my VZW was at least twice as fast
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    Only one Verizon response so far - similar throughput performance as that for Sprint. I'd love to see some side-by-side comparisons of battery life and real-life web surfing performance.

    I've seen a thread here where someone was testing Sprint vs. Verizon side by side, but that was mostly from a coverage perspective.

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