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    Unfortunately, I can't take advantage of this service because "VoiceWing service is not recommended for sending and receiving program and account updates to your set-top box. Satellite service typically requires an analog dial-up modem rather than a broadband connection." This wouldn't be an issue if the DirecTV branded Tivo had the home media option, which is available on the standalone Tivos. What's interesting about this is that I read a press release a few months ago that Verizon and DirecTV is or did come out with a bundle package for Verizon/DirecTV service.

    VoiceWing allows consumers to make unlimited local and long-distance phone calls within the United States and certain territories and to benefit from low per-minute international calling rates.

    VoiceWing is priced at $39.95 per month; however, discounts are available. For instance, subscribers to Verizon Online DSL can get VoiceWing for $34.95 a month. Those subscribers can also benefit from an introductory price of $29.95 a month for the first six months if they order VoiceWing by Oct. 31. Users of other broadband services will get an introductory price of $34.95 for the first six months of service if they order VoiceWing by Oct. 31.

    Verizon provides VoiceWing subscribers with an adapter that allows them to use their own telephone with their DSL or cable modem connection to make VoiceWing calls. There is a one-time set-up fee of $39.95, and a one-time shipping and handling charge for shipping the adapter. Verizon offers customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its VoiceWing service.

    One attractive feature of VoiceWing is that customers can choose their own area code. It doesn't have to be the area code where customers live. VoiceWing provides customers not only traditional services such as voice mail, caller ID and call waiting, but also advanced features that give them unprecedented control of their communications by accessing a special Web page called the Personal Account Manager. The features include:
    * Call Logs - Itemize all calling activity. Call Logs list the caller name, telephone number (if available), date, time-of-day, location and duration of every incoming and outgoing call made. Users can easily transfer contact information directly into their VoiceWing Personal Address Book.
    * Voice Mail - Allows customers to view and play their messages by clicking on the "new voice mail messages" link on the home page. Messages can be stored for up to 14 days.
    * Click-to-Dial - Automatically dials any telephone number, including numbers saved in the Call Logs or Address Book. By clicking on a "hyperlink" phone number, VoiceWing will dial the number. When dialing is complete, the customer's VoiceWing phone will ring, indicating the user should pick up the handset.
    * Speed Dial 10 - Lets users enter or change speed-dial shortcuts on their VoiceWing phones or on their computers.
    * Enhanced Call Forwarding - Directs calls to another telephone number anytime. By saving Call Forwarding settings on a customer's Personal Account Manager, VoiceWing calls can quickly be re-directed to another number.
    * Feature Scheduling - Allows users to schedule call forwarding or a call back for a specific date and time of day.
    * Personal Address Book - Stores information about a user's most frequent contacts directly on the Personal Account Manager. The Click to Dial feature can then be used with the Address Book.
    * Alternate Telephone Number - Customers can make every call they get from out-of-town family and friends a local call by choosing an Alternate Telephone Number in their family and friends' area code. The Alternate Telephone Number is routed directly to the customer's primary VoiceWing number. There is a monthly charge for Alternate Telephone Numbers.
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    VoIP rocks, I love Vonage

    Verizon may be very innovative, expecually with their annoucement of pursuit of FTTP (Fiber to the Premises) infrastructure improvements
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