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    OK, who's got the **** on a Sprint's extra high speed network????

    My friend just mentioned that his Sanyo phone is highly hacked and is capable of well more than 1xRTT speeds (144Kb). Being on top of wireless stuff I explained that I doubted it given that it was an older phone.

    In any case, he ran a speed test from in front of me. 528Kb was the number that popped up. I tried the same test and I only got 123Kb with my Treo.

    Anyone know how to hack the Treo to get it 4x faster?
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    make sure he wasn't using a proxy-based web browser (similar to WebPro or Webviewer for the T600) - those will give you unrealistically high metrics on the bandwidth web sites...
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    He had the phone plugged into his laptop and was using IE just like I do with my Treo.

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