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    I am trying to find a solution to an odd problem. I've a new T600. After loading it with several apps (from scratch) I found that it would do a soft reset and shut off the phone side when I received a call from another cell phone BUT not when I receive a call from a land line. I tried it with two different cell phones making the calls from different parts of the country. After trying a number of things, I finally did a hard reset and the problem went away. I have slowly been adding apps back and it the problem hasn't reappeared. I still have to add back TakePhone. Since that is the app that most directly interfaces with the phone side, I have been wondering if it could be the cause. Has anyone had similiar experience?
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    It's probably too late now but you can type ##377 and dial to see what the last error message was. It usually identifies the culprit application.

    My guess is that it is a ringtone or Caller ID related application which is trying to do a search in your contacts database.
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    The ## codes are not available on the VZW version of the Treo 600 - at least not on mine.
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    Doesn't work on mine either (Verizon). I'm having a few reboots so if anyone figures out what the heck we need to dial.. I'd appreciate it!!
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    OK - #*#377 and DIAL for Verizon units. Not sure why it had to be different from Sprint units but there you go. Perhaps ##377 means something in Verizonish.
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    I had the same problem. It started after I installed LightWav. With deleting everything I had installed (TakePhone, LightWav, TreoGaurd, KeyCaps, Medical Software) it still happened, so I'm not sure why things aren't actually fully deleting, but they clearly aren't.

    However, I have since re--installed LightWav (after using the EXCELLENT BackupBuddy) and it hasn't recurred. With 2 such problems that have required a hard reset, I backup before each program install.
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    I think my problem was related to the ringer I was using for calls from numbers in my address book. When caller ID would find the name, the phone would crash. I did a hard reset and reinstalled everything (except TakePhone) and am using a different ringer and haven't had a problem since.
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    I Don't Know Why Everyone Is Making This Up Verizon Wireless Is #*377 Dial

    This Is It. It's Really It .i Just Typed It In My Treo 600 Verizon Any I Now Have My Error Report
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    It's #*377 Dial Treo 600 Verizon

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