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    Just got the Treo for Verizon. It's sitting here in the box and I'm wondering if I need to do anything special when I turn it on. Is it necessary to download any latest updates or similar?
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    I got mine yesterday, charged it for 3 hours and then called VZW to activate it. That was it.

    Oh, and did the *228 programming.
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    kewl.. thanks!
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    You'll also be pleased to know that, if you have an earlier palm-based organizer, the Treo 600 software harvests and integrates your old data flawlessly. I was blown away.

    However, I did have to reinstall Vindigo on my PC before it would start working, but even that was really easy.
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    Verizon Wireless No Update Required
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    Can you clarify for me... if I take my backed up Treo 600 (sprint) and restore it to the Treo 600 (verizon) - will it mess anything up?

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