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    This may be a stupid question, but here goes anyway...

    I am a current Sprint customer looking to switch to Verizon and get a Treo 600. I was all set to go ahead and order one, but I am confused about Verizon's calling plans. A research phone call to my local store didn't do much to clear anything up.

    The way I'm reading things it looks like I need to order TWO separate plans - a voice one and a data one. Is this correct?

    The Verizon site lists an unlimited PDA/Smartphone plan for $49.99/month. It also says that the plan does not include allowance for voice calls. This seems really silly to me, not to mention expensive. Adding on a voice plan will add another $35 or more to the monthly tab. Is Sprint any better? Do they have some all-in-one plan?

    Thanks for any help out there!!
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    In general all of Sprint's voice plans have a $15 unlimited data add-on (they call it "Vision"); if you get a plan for >1000 or >2000 voice minutes (I forget the threshold) then they throw in the $15 Vision for free.

    In general Sprint's $15 for unlimited data is considered the cheapest around - you generally can't find anything even close on Verizon, and not really for the GSM carriers (though some of them have tiered pricing models).

    Note that Sprint's Terms of Service for Vision do not allow you to use the phone as a modem for a computer - so there is that "limit" to the unlimited data.
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    You don't need to get the dataplan if you don't want to

    If you are on the national access plan, and you are not using heavy online time than your mobile time is deducted from your minutes. I just got my phone and my Rep asked the data specialist. I was on the fence about what plan to get also.
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    Thanks for the fast responses - I appreciate all of the help!!

    I'm not anticipating any modem use. I just want email access and occasional web browsing. It sounds like I might be better off with Sprint.

    I just read somewhere that Verizon has problems here in the San Diego market with their towers - like you'd be on the network here, but using the Mexican towers and getting charged for roaming internationally? Yikes if that has any truth to it!!

    So now do I get the 600 or wait a little longer and see if Sprint brings out that 610? Decisions, decisions.
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    How do you know if you are on the national access plan? I am on the family share plan. Does that qualify? Stupid question I know, but verizon just confuses me with the way they name everything.
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    You might have read my thread about that - we have a number of folks in San Diego county with the Mexican-tower issue. The thing is, Mexico doesn't have the same regulations regarding "amplitude" or signal-strength regarding cell towers. So they "crank up" their towers on the border, and since they're CDMA, Verizon phones tend to "roam" internationally since the Mexican towers overpower the Verizon towers. Verizon has their hands tied, since they can't boost their own signals due to FCC regulation. In short, San Diego+Verizon=scary. Good luck!
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    Has anyone who does not subscribe to the VZW "data" plan been able to use email (via pop/smtp not browser based)? Is MobileWeb all that is need to send/receive email which uses POP/SMTP?

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    I'll tell you tomorrow when I get my phone cuz I am not on a data plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by citi
    I'll tell you tomorrow when I get my phone cuz I am not on a data plan.
    I'm dying to hear your results - I am looking to upgrade to the Treo on VZW but I am not going to pay $500-600 a year for internet service. What works without the data plan?
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    I am confused as well. I will need a national access plan and i want to be able to get email regularly throughout the day. So what do I choose. Seems like $50 is a bit steep considering I'd need about $150 in minutes as well.
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    I DO NOT have the data plan and I am able to surf the web and use e-mail (Snapper) just fine. I was told it just uses my minutes and is accessing the web at the same speeds as if I was on the data plan. However, it took talking to about 14 CS reps to find this out. They are all CLUELESS when it comes to the treo. They keep trying to sell me the $79 unlimited data plan for laptops.

    The only thing I am confused about is when it is actually using my minutes. I know I am connected when the back and forth arrows are lit, however what about when these arrows are grayed out? For example, its connected when downloading a web page, but am I using minutes after the page is finished loading? Nobody at Verizon can give me a clear answer, very frustrating when they dont know their own products and services.
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    Weird. I talked to a tech last week and he was absolutely certain that the Treo couldn't use their non-data-plan internet which just uses the voice minutes. He said that most cell phones can have a $5 data plan which includes no minutes, and it's just a 14.4K connection that uses voice minutes, but that the Treo can't use that service and must use the $40+ data plan...

    What calling plan are you on?
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    Wonton. He is wrong. I have had more techs tell me you could use it than tell me you can't. If you are using the national access plan, it is already included in the plan. I think they just don't want to tell us. You can also still use your nights and weekends free for internet also.

    I am looking at the plan brochure right now and it states:

    NationalAccess Calling Plans
    These Plans give you a monthly home airtime allowance for both wireless Internet access and domestic calling. Domestic long distance and roaming charges are included (airtime charges apply)

    $35 dollars
    150 Minutes
    Per Minute Rate after allowance .40$

    400 Minutes
    Per Minute Rate after allowance .35$

    600 Minutes
    Per Minute Rate after allowance .35$

    900 Minutes
    Per Minute Rate after allowance .35$

    and so on.
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    Although I have had techs tell me it will not work (and some that tell me it will), it does work. I have never been on a data plan. I currently have a America Choice plan with 500 minutes. I was alos told that the Treo is not even capable of using the slower connection speed at 14.4 with quick to web or whatever they call it. If you are only goinfg to surf web once and awhile, you are better off just increasing your minutes.
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    I'm getting irritated by VZW's major confusion on this issue.

    After about 15 minutes with a very friendly tech in the data and wireless department just now, basically it's written very clearly in the literature that the Treo 600 can NOT use the Quick2Net service (the slower internet that uses the voice minutes, does not require a data plan), but that he has heard that people are finding out a way to get it to work anyway, which is completely unsupported. The company line is that the Treo 600 requires a full data plan ($25 or $55) to do email or internet, period, end of story.

    I'm on a Family America's Choice plan. Will I be able to do simple internet (even if it's slow) and email, or not? I have about 6-7 days left to trade in my new Kyocera 7135 for a Treo 600 and it seems that if this works, the Treo is the golden ticket.
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    Well I am on America's Choice plan without any data plan and it is working out fine. I did not have to do anything special to configure it, just worked out of the box sending e-mail and browsing the web. I think I am also getting transfer speed over 14.4. I need to find a test site.
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    Well, it's suppose to be here today. I can test it tonight. If it comes. Again, I did not sign up for a data plan, but have national access.

    If it doesn't work, hopefully it will tell me before it attempts to log on a charge me access charges.

    As far as your plan is concerned, I have no idea. Are you able to go online now with your Kyocera? It's a smartphone so I would assume that the treo would be the same.
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    I just did a speed test on my treo at:

    I do not have a data plan, only America's Choice calling plan. My speed was rated at 85kbps! Not bad! And it only uses minutes.
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    that's good to hear! Thanks for checking!
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    see this thread

    though the one thing I'm not sure about though is if you're on a family share plan, is that still considered the national access plan ... ?
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