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    Well, you may have NA with additional lines, but that's not something they readily offer. Only America's Choice, North Americas Choice and Local DigitalChoice have the "FamilyShare" option, but I suspect it could probably be added to any plan if a rep would do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpinDoctor
    Not true. I have a National Access Plan with the Family option...
    Wait! Forget all of that cr*p I wrote about vertical/horizontal and National Plan with Family option. I checked, and was reminded that after many years on a National plan I switched to the America's plan last year so I could add the Family option.

    I take it all back and maintain the opposite.

    But I know we can still use our America's Choice minutes for web browsing without a data plan. On weekends, that means web access is free!
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    I'm on Verizon with America's Choice plan. When I open the Web application, it just sits there. What icon am I looking for to indicate that I'm online? Web pages never come up, it just sits there...
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    Are you in a Verizon Wireless broadcast area? If so, try clicking on the home icon at the bottom of the screen.
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    Nothing. I'm in Denver, should be working.
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    I got a Verizon Treo600 and had initally added the number to my fiance's Verizon plan for $20 (she has America's Choice 1200 plan) and added the $44.95 unlimited data plan. Data worked fine. After reading some of these posts I called this morning to take off the $44.95 data plan because I thought data service would just use minutes....well now I get "Connecti to Verizon Wireless" and "Signing on" when I try to web-connect but then it goes nowhere "Error:PPP timeout" or "wireless web service now available in this area" error messages...

    I guess I need to call back to add data back on.
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    ^ make sure you have the EN-MOU option on. Should come with the standard plan free. That way it should use your minutes.
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    What is EN-MOU and how do I turn it on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by whodean
    What is EN-MOU and how do I turn it on?
    EN-MOU Express Network - Minutes of Use

    If you have an America's Choice plan your account should already have this option on it.
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    Whew, tech support is getting slammed today. On hold for 65 minutes, I had to hang up. Called back, on hold for 55 minutes before they got to me. Anyhoo, they "refreshed the account" and I did a hard reboot, and it works now.

    He warned me - this will not last forever Expect them to catch on soon.
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    Dang, on hold for that long????? I'd be super pissed.

    <>....Relaying denied.
    IP name lookup failed []
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    I have America's Choice Family Share plan and up until last week was able to browse the web and just use up my pans minutes (my bill came comfirming this). But now when I try to load a web page it gets access the network, the text on the bottom of the screen says Sending... then Receiving... but no data gets loaded and eventually it times out. Is this because I don't have a data plan or is there something wrong with Blazer? Thanks!
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    I think you are right..same thing with email. I have for me and one for my wife. When I ordered the phones I ordered hers without the extra plan... just to see but I had the same issue. I called and threw the plan on there and now its all set.

    BTW, verizon DOES offer the insurance plan to cover the treo now for 4.99. definately worth it for a $500 phone. I could never get that before with my gsm.

    Good Luck..

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    I'm all set. Called their data tech support and (of course) the rep was misinformed. She said I needed a data plan... Then she talked to her "lead" and came back and said, "oh you have a code on your plan (EN-MOU) so you should have access using your minutes." She told me to do a soft reset and bingo, everything works.
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    I have been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer since before it was Verizon
    Wireless (1998). I like to use my cellular phones to connect to the Internet.
    While many argue that Verizon has demonstrated a propensity for being
    late-to-market with smartphones, I continued to honor and renew my Verizon
    contracts, largely because there is no doubt that of all cellular service
    providers, Verizon's CDMA network provides the best coverage in the
    northeastern US.

    Last year I purchased the Kyocera 7135. I could connect to the Internet
    directly from the phone using a variety of applications, including a web
    browser included with the phone and the Eudora e-mail client. I could also
    connect to the internet via third-party applications, such as IRC, SSH, and VNC
    clients. Since I could not afford the $45/month unlimited data service tacked
    on to my $40/month voice service, I settled for connecting to the Internet at
    14.4kbps. I'm not a multimedia junkie, so that speed suited me quite well.
    Sure, it might have been nice to have better performance for my SSH sessions,
    but all told, that isn't worth $540/year to me. Additionally, I routinely used
    the Kyocera 7135 as a USB modem for my laptop; this proved quite useful on long
    train rides between Boston and Washington (of course, this capability is itself
    a good reason to consider train travel over plane travel).

    Last month (July 2004), Verizon Wireless decided to offer support for the Treo
    600, which is by most accounts a more capable, less buggy, faster, more
    advanced phone than the Kyocera 7135. I could post about the specific
    differences, but this forum already contains several such posts, so let's just
    say that I was very pleased with the opportunity to own a Treo 600. So I
    purchased one. To my dismay, I was no longer capable of connecting to the
    Internet without a data plan -- in other words, with the Treo 600, I could not
    use a service like Quick2Net to use low-speed data connections for Internet

    I contacted Verizon customer service about this concern, and I was essentially
    bounced around among various representatives, waiting in queues for hours. I
    had read the posts on about people who have had success with
    EN-MOU, and even several of the technical support folks suggested that they had
    heard rumors that some clever hackers had achieved low-speed Internet access
    without the expensive high-speed data service plans. I was encouraged by this,
    but most of the representatives had no clue how to actually solve the problem.
    Ultimately, I spoke with a nice gentleman who was part of the Verizon Wireless
    data support group. After a few minutes of haggling over details, he explained
    to me that while Verizon could enable EN-MOU on my service plan, this would not
    be desirable because doing so would mean taking a serious risk: the Treo 600
    does not automatically disconnect from the data service after communication has
    ceased. Unlike the Kyocera 7135, the Treo 600 will allow me to remain in a
    dormant data transfer state for a long time (even while conducting other
    calls), and during this time, I would be billed. The representative said that
    unless I were extremely vigilant about shutting down each of my data
    connections explicitly, I could face monthly service charges in excess of $10k.
    That sounded dangerous to me, and even though I usually am vigilant about
    disconnecting, I figured that this is probably a risk that I do NOT want to

    Furthermore, he explained to me that unlike the Kyocera 7135, the Treo 600
    provides no means of using the phone as a modem for my laptop. I'm not sure
    whether I should believe him about this -- certainly every cellular phone is a
    modem in some sense, and if I can connect to my PC via the USB cable then
    theoretically I should be able to use the phone to make PPP connections to
    arbitrary dialup ISPs. However, I have not yet verified or refuted this.

    Of course, Verizon's suggested solution is to use their high-speed data
    service, which comes in two flavors: a $25/month plan that allows a paltry 5 MB
    of data plus additional per-kilobyte surcharges thereafter, and a $45/month
    unlimited data plan suitable for anyone interested in transferring more than 7
    MB per month (which presumably is most people who are interested in data
    service). Combined with my minimal America's Choice voice plan, this would
    mean receiving a bill of $85/month, which is roughly double what I pay now and
    approximately $1k/year.

    Needless to say, I am seriously considering switching to Sprint at this point.
    I am told that Sprint is more fascist about not allowing the use of cellular
    phones as modems, but I hear that they don't have any good means of preventing
    or even detecting such use. So perhaps getting a Treo 600 with Sprint would
    work out for me. Unfortunately, the Sprint CDMA network is inferior to
    Verizon's CDMA network in my location, and roaming on Verizon's analog network,
    which I hear Sprint allows, does not exactly solve my digital data needs. But
    Sprint's offer of a plan with the same number of minutes as my current plan
    PLUS unlimited high-speed data for only $60/month is quite tempting, even if it
    does mean less than ideal service. I would save $25/month, which after only
    seven months would equate to a good incentive to break my current Verizon
    contract. So perhaps I will pay Sprint a visit tomorrow.
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    I don't have all the details but from what I have read, you CAN use your Treo as a data modem. I also had data services available on my 7135 that ate away from my cell minutes. So when I changed over to the Treo, I kept everything the same and I am able to use the high speed data network that the Treo and 7135 was able to access for no additional charge. BUT you do have to be careful and DISCONNECT after EVERY internet usage or you would be raking in large cell min. I have been using Treo 600 Connection manager that automatically disconnects my data connection after X amount of time.
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    I just spoke to Verizon and it is true that they have a faster network but you pay $45 for unlimited data connection. Forgot to ask if you can receive phone calls while connected to the internet. With sprint you can't.
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    As it turns out, Verizon does in fact allow customers to establish a low-speed (14.4kbps maximum) data connection without subscribing to the high speed (and expensive, at $45/month) Internet access plan, instead treating the Internet access connection as a regular call and billing it as such (see my earlier post from 08/19/2004).

    Making this work is not difficult, and it does not require any special arrangement with Verizon. In fact, all that you have to do is configure the Treo 600 how to connect to the Internet, as follows:

    1. Press the "home" button to bring up the list of launcher programs.

    2. Open the "Preferences" dialogue by clicking on the "Prefs" icon.

    3. Choose "Network".

    4. Press the "menu" button, and select "New". You will be prompted to specify the various fields that define the service.

    5. For "Service:", provide a useful name, like "Internet".

    6. For "Connection:", you will want to create a custom connection. So, choose "Edit Connections..." and select "New...". Provide a useful name, like "Custom". Specify the details of the custom connection as follows: Connect to: Modem, Via: Wireless Modem, Dialing: TouchTone, Volume: Low. Select OK, and return to the screen in which you are defining your "Internet" service. (You may have to press the "Modify" button on the screen in order to continue editing fields.)

    7. For "User Name:", specify 'qnc'.

    8. For "Password:", specify 'qnc'.

    9. For "Phone:", specify '#777'.

    You should now be able to connect to the Internet without any special service from Verizon, with each Internet connection acting as an ordinary phone call that will be charged to your minutes of use. Be very careful, however: various applications will establish an Internet connection, and you must always disconnect following Internet use. As long as you are connected to the Internet, your data call continues, and you will be billed. I am not certain that Verizon considers "dormant mode" to be part of the call, but I would not be surprised.
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    My phone came in a working state for Internet, as opposed to doing all that. Been months already, just taking away from regular minutes so no special arrangements were made either. Interesting. And yes, you must disconnect after each use.
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