I got my new Treo 600 on Saturday, and since then I have had to perform at least six hard resets. My original course of action was removing the Backup directory and startting from scratch. Now, through the process of elimination, the cause has been the syncing of the saved preferences db. The saved preferences keep corrupting, or some such, and constantly kill the phone.

When executing the Treo 600 update, from palmOne, it had me hotsync to install the updated (I downloaded the Sprint PCS update). Upon hitting reset, the Treo could not start up (palm powered screen, off, on, off, on, of constantly until a hard reset). Deleting the saved preferences and hotsyncing fixed this.

Has anyone else found this problem or know of a solution? I would call Sprint first, but they'd transfer me about four times to get to me T2 support (over two hours hold time in my past experience).