I currently have Nextel service, but plan to go to Verizon with the Treo. Like everyone else here, I would have loved for Verizon to carry the Ace instead of the older 600, but alas, it hasn't come to pass. How would a potential upgrade to the Treo 610/Ace work when Verizon eventually offers it? Would we have to pay full price or hope that Verizon or Palm offer an upgrade path? Does Verizon have a NE1 option (as opposed to 2 years)? I plan on sharing a plan with my wife and if there isn't a NE1, how would the NE2 work with a shared plan? Do we both have a $100 credit every two years? If not, I want to make sure the Treo is upgradeable, since my wife doesn't care about the 'latest and greatest'.