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    Hi, can anyone shed some light on this. This afternoon, I had sprint add the $5 roaming feature to my plan. Then I did the *2 on the T600 and the auto voice said an update was needed and after a while it said it completed. However, it doesn't seem to have done the update. Even 8 hours later, when I dial *2 it still says an update is needed, and then says it's complete. And my phone doesn't appear to be able to roam. I took it where it should roam, but it didn't. I've "enabled digital roaming" in phone prefs. I have the 1.20 update installed. Any idea what the problem might be. Sprint is saying to take it in to a store. Argh. My phone has been fine. Thought I would check for any help here first. Thanks.
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    I think the update to roaming finally went through. A day later, it seems that the *2 is not saying that an update is needed. I'll see for sure, when I get out of Sprint range, if it goes into roaming or not. So, it just seems like it can take up to a day for the update provisioning to actually work.

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