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    I work for Ernst&Young and I know right now we get a 20% discount on our cell phone bill just because we're e&y employees.

    Can I go to my local verizon store and say I want to buy a treo 600 and I work for e&y? I can wait till July 19th, but it'd be great if I can buy it now. Maybe I can get a corporate discount or something?

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    Your best bet is to contact your Corporate contact to see if you can get it. It probably wouldn't do you any good going to a store and saying that you work for e&y.
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    I work for a firm that also has a Verizon discount on service (19%) and I ordered my Treo through my rep. In my experience, I need to use my rep to get any "deals" related to my firm discount. With that said, you may want to check the rep and the store at this late date. I am under the impression that the prices I paid through B2B and would have paid through retail would have been close given the NE2 discount. Example, with my rep I received the corp price on equipment then the standard service discount and discount for getting unlimited data. Through retail you can use NE2 but I'm not sure if you can get the unlimited data discount. In the end, I got a good price and a 1 year contract so I'm pretty happy.

    I should get the phone via FedEx today but if I don't, I'll have him hold the order and check retail on Monday to find out if I can get a better deal. My rep has been dicey about getting back to me (busy presumably).

    Update: No need to call my it today.
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