I live in western WI. For the past week I kept getting the dreaded "Error 3000--Data service is unavailable in your area..." message every time I tried to access the web or pull email. At first I thought it was a problem with the phone so I took it back to Best Buy and they exchanged it no problem (I purchased a service agreement which I normally don't do).

Second Treo, same problem. After several agonizing and maddening calls to Sprint (I was disconnected 3 times!! ) and speaking with several clueless people who kept trying to get me to switch to Sprint on my home phone I finally reached a level II tech who understood the problem, took a ticket and forwarded the problem to an engineer.

This wonderful engineer (I want an autographed picture) actually called me and told me Sprint is experiencing this problem in many locations on their end. In layman's terms, the problem is similar to when you make a phone call on your land line, hang up and the person on the other end doesn't hang up their phone properly. Now you go to make a call and you can't even get a dial tone. Something similar is happening with the Sprint data network. You try to access PCS Vision, only PCS Vision tells you you're already connected as your "call" was never dropped. It is still hanging on the Sprint end of the connection.

Anyway...she fixed the problem and now I have data service once again. She was also good enough to give me her direct line and told me if the problem recurs, which it is doing in some locations, to call her directly.

She also told me that this issue is the only issue she has been working on lately. The reason the level I people are so clueless is because the majority of calls Sprint PCS gets are 1. phone issues (dropped calls, poor connectivity, etc.) and 2. billing issues. For every 1 data calls there are about 50 phone/billing calls. She said they are very close to perfecting a solution to the Error 3000 problem, but because it has not been perfected they can't yet send out the solution to all help desk personnel.

Bottom line: if you are getting this error message, insist on speaking with a level II technician in the wireless dept at Sprint. Insist that level II technician opens a ticket and forwards it to the proper engineering team. Good luck!!