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    On page 2 of USA Today's money section (7/15/04), there is an ad for the Treo 600 for $349 if purchased at Sprint PCS stores. Is it me or does a $100 drop in price seem rather precipitous for a product just getting launched through national media outlets?

    Do I smell the Treo ACE coming soon, or is this just a way to counteract VZ launch of the Treo before it hits stores on 7/19?

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    Hopefully its to prepare for the ACE.
    Those things are still selling out in the stores, they dont need to drop the price, and general concensus is that people are going with Sprint instead of Verizon because of data + phone usage prices.
    Wishful thinking!
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    i think its a combo of simple competition and preparation for the ace.
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    This is being discussed over here as well:

    As I posted over there, has anyone confirmed the $349 price at their local store? Mine has it for $450 still, but they said they may pricematch if I bring in the ad.

    People in the other post haven't gotten a straight answer from Sprint. Sprint told me that the prices can vary and it's up to the store to set.
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    I've checked around metro-Atlanta.. $449 everywhere.

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