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    With the posting of the different firmware there is some confusion on what exactly is included on the Verizon Treo600. Please post the specifics on the verizon Treo and how they compare to the SPrint version. This will help alot of us in deciding the carrier and the phone to go with.

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    OK. Here are differences.

    1) Verizon TREO 600 has Dual Language. When first time turn on the device, the phone asks english / Spanish.

    2) Verizon TREO 600 can select 911 Only Location Service. Location service marks on dialpad screen.

    3) MMS Software is included.

    4) NO E-Mail client

    5) Band can be selected at Phone Menu (Home/Auto A/Auto B)

    6) Total Memory deteced by Application is 21MB. (Sprint is 23.1M)

    7) There is no "Share" button on Camera Appl, but after shot, "SEND" button appears and the picture can be sent by MMS.

    8) NO ## Command!!!!!!! Does any body find to enabled Pass Thru Mode ???

    Hardware version is same as C and Camera quality also same bad.

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