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    For those interested in Penn Station/Amtrak-NJ Transit tunnels, I regularly use my Sprint Treo 600 in both. In the tunnels I only get roaming Verizon coverage. I can access voicemail, of course, but I assume the question posted above was whether voicemail notification would come in. I'm not sure about that, but I never end up spending a lot of time between arriving at Penn Station and exiting the tunnel on the NJ side.

    Interestingly enough, toward the west side of Penn Station at track level and in the short open-air stretch just outside the station, I get good Sprint coverage so I can access e-mail, web, and other data applications. I also agree with the poster who commented on the flat nature of Sprint's network vs. Verizon. Sometimes in the tunnel with 3 bars showing while I'm roaming on Verizon, I get very choppy voice that's pretty much unintelligible. On the other hand, I occasionally am able to continue conversations while on Sprint with 0 bars (i.e., just the little antenna symbol showing). YMMV.
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    Re: Voicemail

    Yes. If one is roaming on the Verizon netork (digital), the voicemail notifier (icon) still works, although it didn't seem to come on immediately as it does with Sprint service.
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