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    howdee all,

    im just providing this information in the hopes that google or someone searching this forum directly will be able to find it. i tried searching for it and if it was here already, id never seen it. of course, it may be in my manual, but who reads those?

    background: i go to a sprint store and ask to try out a treo600 for 14 days with a new number to decide whether i want to "make the switch" (from att, in my case). im hooked on the treo and the sprint-service is as-good or better, so i decide im going to do-it. (yeah, THEN i figure out that verizon is going to offer the treo600... but i decide to stick-with-sprint-for-now)

    scenario: i have a treo600 on new-[disposable]-phone-number with everything working fine, but i want to have my old-[known]-att-number ported now. apparently this is called an "overlay" port, since i left all the accounts turned-on when i made the request.

    timing: i walk into sprint-store on sat-eve and ask for the port. claim is "a day or two" and to call customer-service if i have any issues. on early-mon-morn i decide to "check" and both the att and sprint phone are dialing based on the "overlay" number. GREAT! ill be good-to-go, and i start to "set up" the "new" sprint voicemail on my "old" phone number.

    problem: hitting the VOICEMAIL-favorite, it dials the disposable-old-number. there doesnt seem to be a way to edit this favorite and i cannot override the 1 key by programming another "new" favorite as the E key. (btw, i have Treo600-1.10-SPR firmware - have not tried to upgrade to 1.12 or higher)

    answer: call CS and after going around a couple of times trying to explain the issue i am given the following code to type in:

    ##244159 DIAL

    this activates an ACTIVATING-YOUR-PHONE screen with 3 items:
    a) your ESN -- no editing allowed here...
    b) Phone Number (MDN) -- CHANGE THIS.
    c) MSID -- leave this alone.

    in my case, these were both set to the "disposable"-sprint number and by changing the first-one it reset my voicemail-phone-number-favorites-1-key to the correct-"overlay"-number of the phone.

    for all i know, i made some stupid mistakes that forced me to "need" this code. for instance, when i called CS, it kept trying to get me to "activate" my phone, but i didnt want to do that since i assumed that the phone was working perfectly. (id set-up voicemail by dialing direct, i was making calls just fine, etc...) hence, i waited/talked thru till i got someone live...

    also, the MSID being editable is almost assuredly a BAD_THING to be publishing here - so maybe this whole post will be deleted by some moderator or something... if so, im sorry - im not exactly sure what the MSID is, but is not-at-all the point/purpose im trying to make.

    the point is - you CAN change the "non-editable" voicemail phone-number by activating this screen and changing the (MDN) PHONE_NUMBER item on it.

    i hope this helps someone else - and overall my experience has been fairly good so far with sprint.

    have fun, h.
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    What you are explaining is the initial phone programming menu.
    The ##244519 is your MSL (Master Subsidiary Lock) or OTKSL (One time something lock) code. This number is specific to your phone.
    Every Sprint phone is programmed in this manner, you dial ##MSL or ##OTKSL and then put in the phone number and all.
    If you change any settings in this menu, you will not be able to use your phone as the network will not recognize it. The MDN is your Mobile Device Number, in essence your phone number. Your MSID is again an ID for your phone, often the same as your phone number, but not the same if you are porting your number from another carrier.
    Changing any of these will render your phone useless unless it is changed from Sprint in the network first!
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    ok - since i had JUST had sprint change these items for me (due to the overlay request), then that explains why it "worked" for me. i havent tried changing them to anything else, so i didnt know theyd make the phone become useless. however, _IF_ someone else does the same thing i did (start a new contract, then port their old phone number as an overlay) and wants to "fix" their voicemail-1-button - i think this is the correct answer. thanx for the extra info... have fun, h.

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