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    I've been lurking on these boards for about 7 months now, checking almost daily for any positive news on Verizon carrying the Treo 600 (and wondering who the chick is with the orange U of Miami shorts and where I can find other pics of her). Now that it is finally here, I find out about the HP H6310 ( PPC based, full WiFi and Bluetooth support, detachable keyboard, etc. Assuming it's stable, I now see myself in another waiting mode for Verizon or just going to one of the GSM providers (with the added advantage of SIM card flexibility but weaker coverage.)

    Other than anti-Microsoft remarks, can anyone give me some good reasons not to wait for the HP H6310 and just take the Treo 600 plunge? If you guys can't, I figure no one can. My Vx is V years old, my cell phone is 2+ years old and fading fast, so I need to make a move in the next month or so.
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    ive just had my treo600 for a couple weeks, but there was "no contest" when deciding between m$ and palm. altho m$ always provides neat-features, i wanted to use the familiar palm-intfce. (id been using a viix, without wireless tho) noone can answer what YOU will like - besides you. the classic answer is to make a "decision matrix" and figure it out. mine (simplified) looks like:
    feature -- score -- importance
    sprint/cdma/reception -- 5/5 -- 5/5 ::: whoever/gsm/reception -- 3/5 -- 5/5
    sprint/cdma/features -- 3/5 -- 2/5 ::: whoever/gsm/features -- 4/5 -- 2/5
    treo600/coolness -- 5/5 -- 1/5 ::: free-phone/coolness -- 1/5 -- 1/5
    treo600/features -- 4/5 -- 3/5 ::: free-phone/features -- 2/5 -- 3/5
    treo600/price -- 1/5 -- 4/5 ::: free-phone/price -- 5/5 -- 4/5
    can-get-it-now -- 3/5 -- 4/5 ::: have-to-wait -- 1/5 -- 4/5

    multiply each score, by its importance and add and youll see:
    sprint/treo600/get-it-now wins by 64 to 54 over whoever/free-phone/have-to-wait. [[edit - i mixed in MY opinions about a free-phone/price with YOUR issues about get-it-now/have-to-wait, so this really didnt make much sense -(especially since i ignored a bunch of items in my own matrix that _I_ added that were treo-specific) but im sure you get the general idea...]]

    not exactly a landslide, but kinda substantiated my "gut feel" that i should "go-for-it".

    once upon a time, i made one of these decision matrices (about buying two cars) and it came out tied - so i just voted with my gut and it was definitely the correct decision. bottom-line, it is truly up-to-you...

    good luck, h.

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