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    I forgot $449.00 w/ two year agreement...
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    Interesting...On a second attempt to confirm the July 19th release date, the CS rep informed me that tech support claims that the phone is not yet released to business customers and that there is no date set for general release. Man, for a communications company, VZW has some major communications problems with their employees.
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    I'm a business consumer with IBM and the VZW B2B site for us doesn't even display the Treo 600 yet. I put a call into my rep and she hasn't called me back in days. I call the regular custsupport line and none of the 3 reps I've spoken to (2 today) have even heard of a Treo600. ("Who makes that phone, sir?"). After 3 separate hold times, he comes back to me and says the launch date isn't until the 19th and confirmed this is true for b2b as well.

    Regardless, since I'm still in a 2-year agreement (ending Nov5, 2005), I'd have to pay full retail (like $600) anyway. I can't be the only person in this situation though. So many of us are excited for the Treo but I'm sure most of you are still under an annual agreement... thoughts ? I don't think I'm willing to pay $600 for it. (I had it with Sprint but their service was too horrible to stick with. Been waiting for it on VZW for 6 months now... looks like another year for me ).
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    Any change in Verizon's data plan pricing?
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    Anyone know if Verizon will be smart enough to offer a T600 at a discount to Sprint customers?
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    verizon doesn't "deal". at all
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    I too am a business customer who's company extranet site does not yet offer the Treo 600. After consulting with the national accounts customer service team, I have submitted a standard "Cellular Activation Request" form (e-mailed by the rep, also available from my company's procurement group) to We'll see if I have any luck.

    FYI - the rep indicated the model was just "Treo 600" and confirmed the $549/$499/$449 pricing.
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    Verizon Customers.............

    Welcome to October 2003!
    "When Palm announced today that its new smartphone would run an operating system from Microsoft, it was the equivalent of Coca-Cola agreeing to fill its bottles with Pepsi." ~David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine
    My Phone history.....
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    Hmm... I wonder if he "checked" inventory by himself?! Only the Fulfillment department knows what is there, how many of them, and when they go out.

    My understanding is - after speaking with Fulfillment - that VZW has inventory; HOWEVER, even though Treo 600 can be ordered by existing business account holders and those opening new business accounts the phone still MAY NOT ship until the 19th.

    I think that's where the discrepancy seems to be. Most of us have received some confirmation that this week is B2B launch. But that doesn't necessarily mean biz account holders get their phones before the general public. All it means is that they can order before B2C: a perk that VZW (and other carriers) probably offer to their customers in an attempt to thwart anygry execs and the like if inventory does run out after the product is introduced to general public.

    Bottom line: I don't think we see this phone in people's hands until next Mon/Tues.


    Quote Originally Posted by nittanyjack
    I just got off of the phone with my B2B rep and he says the launch has been delayed until July 19th. He checked inventory for the Treo 600 and nothing was available. He received this update on Saturday. I don't know what to believe with Verizon anymore.
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    Here's some additional info on pricing. My corporate rep can order me the treo at a price of $419.99. However, even though I'm eligible for the new every 2 $100 discount, that cannot be combined with a corporate discount! I suspect corporate pricing may differ for different companies, but this represents a whopping $30 discount (from 449)! So.... I guess after waiting this long, I'll wait one more week, and then I can get it for the "consumer" price of 449-100=349-- a savings of $70 over the corporate price.
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    Is there confirmation that anyone (business or individual) was able to buy this phone today?
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    I want to see a picture of a Treo 600 on Verizon if anybody gets one. My business says that inventory was 0 at the West Coast distribution warehouse. Oh, well maybe we will have something shipping on July 19th. Way to go Verizon!!!
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    I wonder if Palm One will be offering an upgrade discount for a month or two similar to when the other carriers Treo 600s were released. That would be another avenue for a cheaper Verizon Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pstrasma
    FYI - the rep indicated the model was just "Treo 600" and confirmed the $549/$499/$449 pricing.
    Is $549 the full retail ?
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    Just called Customer Service. They will take name and phone number and call back on the 19th for order placement.

    They will also ship overnight for and extra $10.

    The 19th seems to be the earliest the general public will see this phone.
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    The e-mail from my rep was:

    "I can order this for you today. Your cost will be 407.00. Please let me know if you have any questions."

    It was ordered and will arrive tomorrow. This was 11am this morning. He said his first message said they had 1400 in stock, the 2nd message a few minutes later said 400. I think I made it just under the wire..
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    I ordered mine today, to be overnighted as well. Looking forward to tomorrow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scase14850
    Is there confirmation that anyone (business or individual) was able to buy this phone today?
    I was able to order my treo 600 today from my buisness rep. The phone was $449.00 for 2 year agreemaent with a $100.00 rebate final price $349.00. I payed an extra $12.00 to have it shipped overnight. It will be here tomorrow. FYI.
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    Successful order made today in North Carolina. $349.00 after $100.00 rebate. Paid an extra $12.00 to have it shipped overnight. Will be here tomorrow. I have tracking number. Also, all of the local stores in my area have the dummy phones. The phone is all silver just like the GSM versions. I have been using a hacked Sprint Version for a few months now. The new phone seems to be a little thicker than my Sprint version. FYI. if any questions.
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    Got a call from my customer service rep that my order shipped today, paid the extra $12.00 to get overnight shipping and should have it on Tuesday. I will call back to see if I can get a tracking number also.
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