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    Whats the newest version of sprint software out? i got version 1.0-SPR my phone seems to be gettin crappy signal and calls not coming threw...i was wondering if i need to update..
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    If you dial *2 your PRL (preferred roaming list) will be updated autotmatically, if it needs it.

    gets you the latest updater. enjoy!
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    You are two versions behind.

    The latest software version is 1.2

    There are tons of posts on it in the main Treo 600 forum, both good and bad.

    This is not the same as updating your PRL.
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    For about a week now I have been having problems staying connected to Sprint Vision. The device was "provisioned" twice and ended up prl'ing Sunday. The problem happened again today and it turned out to be a networking problem here in Honolulu, 2,500 miles west of somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Ben

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