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    For those of you who had to get a replacement T600 via Lockiline/Sprint, what was the process like? I would like to hear your stories. Was the transition seamless, or anything but?

    For example, when you got your replacement phone, did Lockline do a decent job in giving you a replacement phone? Also, the quality of the phones, were they mainly new or refurbished? For those of you who got the phone during the past few weeks, did the T600s have the 1.20 updater pre-installed, or was it a virgin phone? Notice any difference in the quality of the camera?

    Also, what what is like contacting Sprint regarding the ESN and phone number swap? What is the best number to call to do the ESN swap? Did Sprint try to strongarm you into bumping up your 1 or 2 year agreement from the day of your phone swap? If so, how successful were you in raising hell and putting your foot down?

    That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure you'll tell me more if I missed anything.

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    Absolute nightmare! In the last week, I've probably been "transferred" about 15 times, and have spent probably 8 total hours on hold or with Sprint reps trying to resolve this issue.

    1. Last Wednesday I installed SprintPCS Software Patch 1.20
    2. After that, phone was never able to enter Wireless Mode without soft-resetting itself. Hard reset wouldn't fix the problem either. I log a case online. Prompt email response tells me to call CS number.
    3. Last Thursday call CS. CS totally clueless - she's never even heard of the Treo. She keeps on trying to insist that there's no such thing as a phone update that wouldn't have occurred at the Sprint store. I ask for Tier 2 Tech Support, of which she's never heard of either. I insist on having her talk to her supervisor to find out what Tier 2 Tech Support is. I get "transferred", but her phone number she patched me through to drops my call.
    4. I call back CS, get a rep that gets me Tier 2's number, and this time it works. Tier 2 VERY knowledgeable on the issue (SURPRISE!) and after several save attempts (new id, clear backup folder, hard reset, etc.) determines phone is hosed. Says they've had other documented cases of the software patch hosing the wireless mode even after a hard reset to factory condition, but that it's been rare.
    5. Tier 2 puts in my account info that phone needs to be replaced. Proceeds to volunteer for me the phone numbers of the 5 closest Sprint stores, saying I should call them to see if they had Treo 600's in stock in order to swap my phone with a new one.
    6. Sprint stores wouldn't carry out a phone-for-phone swap. Said this needed to be handled through the warehouse, which would take 3 business days for me to get a new phone.
    7. Since I couldn't be without a phone due to traveling, I called Customer Service to first have them transfer my phone number to my old Treo 300 while I waited for a Treo 600.
    8. After that, Customer Service transferred me to some phone number where I was able to request a new Treo 600.
    9. Late this Tuesday, a new Treo 600 arrived - BUT IT WAS THE NO-CAMERA VERSION!
    10. Yesterday I called Customer Service to resolve this issue. After being on hold for quite some time, they said it wasn't an issue of their's to resolve. They then gave me "the insurance group's phone number."
    11. I called "the insurance group's phone number." After stepping through their phone system, found out that their business offices closed 2 minutes earlier and that I'd have to call back the next day.
    12. Called "the insurance group's phone number." Rep said my issue didn't show up in their system at all. Not a 3rd-party insurance issue, but rather a Sprint company issue. Rep gave me the phone number to "Sprint's Stock Room."
    13. Called "Sprint's Stock Room" number. After a LONG time on hold, the person I was patched through to says that this is not actually "Sprint's Stock Room's Number", but rather just the plain Jane Customer Service department. She doesn't even have a phone number for a "stock room", and this is the first time she's ever heard of it.
    14. CS Rep tries to give me Insurance Group's phone number. Uhhh, uhhhh, I ain't havin' that! This crap is getting resolved NOW! No more phone numbers! I want your Supervisor!
    15. CS Rep tries to order me a new phone, but I don't feel confident from her step-through that it won't result in me getting a cameraless Treo 600 again. She says Supervisor is still on hold. Waits. Waits. Waits.
    16. CS Rep tries to give me Insurance Group's number again. Nope. Try again.
    17. CS Rep says she's done all she can do. Offers to give me $50 to "go to a store and buy a replacement phone." I explain to her that the Treo 600 costs a WEE bit more than 50 lousy bucks.
    18. CS Rep says she's done all she can do. Supervisor is apparently still on a call 50 minutes later. I tell CS Rep that I've never known ANY supervisor to be on an individual service call that long, and I wan't him on the phone now!
    19. Supervisor patches through within minutes. I tell him everything. He also tells me he's seen the Treo 610, and it's pretty sweet. Thinks it will cost more. I try my best to tell him that all my troubles would be forgotten if he were to get me a Treo 610 as my replacement, but he doesn't appear to bite.
    20. Supervisor tells me he's going to do all the legwork on my issue, and then call me back in two hours. That's where I'm at now. Wish me luck, I'll probably need it.
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    I am one of the lucky ones bought my phone when it first came out on line from handspring. dead on arival went to my local sprint store they had one in stock and Manager gave it to me. Next when i did the upgrade i toasted the treo went to my local sprint store and also they were very understanding and walked out of store with a new one.

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    I lost my phone last weekend in Laughlin (it could've dissipated in the 118 degree weather). When I called Lockline to get a replacement, they charged me $35 to replace the phone and told me that it would take 3-5 business days to get. I offered the guy fifty bucks to get it to me quicker (as you may know, I can't live without my T600) and he said "there was no way to send it quicker, even if I wanted to. We just send the request and fulfillment sends the phone by next day mail".

    Well, as luck would have it, I got my new(reconditioned) T600 THE VERY NEXT DAY! It was fully charged (which was good because I lost my charger as well) and just needed to be synced to get my info back.

    Only complaint: they don't cover accessories so I have to buy a new case, SD card and screen cover.

    Overall, very content with my experience!
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    I have had a Kyocera 6035 for ever. Recently it broke just as I was about to buy a Treo 600 and debating if I should wait for the "Ace". I called lock/line and they sent out a Samsung i500. I couldn't be happier unless they sent out a Treo 600. They did a good job!!!
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    Well, I just started a survival job where I get access to a basic cell phone. That said, I'll be trying the Treo 1.20 updater in the next few days and see what happens. If I have to use Lockline--if the updater crashes my T600--at least I'll have a cell phone until they give me a refurbed Treo.

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    Does lockline cover water damage? Is there anything type of damage won't cover?
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    Absolutely seamless. I manged to drop my phone and break the LCD. Lockline sent me a replacement within a few days (honestly don't remember how long), I dropped the old one in the same box, slapped a shipping label on it and sent it off. The ESN swap took perhaps 10 minutes on the phone and most of that was waiting for the Sprint rep to read their script. I synced my phone with my PC, turned it on and was good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveFehr
    Does lockline cover water damage? Is there anything type of damage won't cover?
    Yes, they cover water damage. Lockline won't cover cosmetic damage that doesn't interfere with the functionality of the phone.
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    Zippy, good luck with everything going on. It really doesn't sound like a lockline issue. They cover what the warranty doesn't, and it should rest squarely on Sprint's shoulders. Is there a Sprint store in your area? If it were me, I would take everything (receipts, phones, etc.) over to a Sprint store, explain the situation, and nicely put the burden of resolution on their shoulders. It's been my experience that it's harder to brush one off when you're in the store looking them in the eyes. Judging by your location you'll be in a corporate market, and the buck stops there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribalenvy
    Yes, they cover water damage. Lockline won't cover cosmetic damage that doesn't interfere with the functionality of the phone.
    Do I need to fill out a police report within 24 hours for damage/destruction, or just loss/theft?
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    I believe the report is only for missing/stolen. otherwise they'll probably have you return the phone to them. They will let you know when you call.
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