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    I have a Treo 600 and since yesterday it's been constantly going out of power and then losing all data. I have to do a full sync to get all the apps/data back. I believe many people on here have had this problem.

    Anyways I have insurance on it and need to get it replaced. The thing is, at the Sprint store near my house they rep said I would have to wait 3-5 business days to get a replacement, and that there wouldn't be a temporary phone to use.

    Is there a better/quicker way to get my replacement? Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you call Lockline directly? You should try them.
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    Lockline? What is that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oggle
    Lockline? What is that?

    You said you have insurance. Lockline is the company that provides 3rd party insurance for Sprint (among other) handsets. I recall it's about 4-5 bucks a month. However, it would probably be faster to just replace the Treo via your local Sprint store and honestly 3-5 days is alot shorter than the delays some other users have been reporting...
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    The phone comes with a one year warranty. You shouldn't even have to use your insurance yet. I think the sprint store should just swap it out. Thats what my local store did. Make them honor your manufactures warranty. Your insurance has a limited amount of uses. You should save them for actual accidents, not for product defect!

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