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    Can someone please help me set up my mail account i've tried everything. i need to find out the pop setting and smtp also if i should check the boxes in the advanced screen. Anything will do
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    alrighty here's my shot:

    account name: whatever name you want to give the account (SPCS)
    Full name: yours
    Email address:
    username: yourusername
    password: yourpassword

    server (POP3 Server):
    outgoing server (SMTP):

    don't check any of the boxes requiring SSL for POP3 and SMTP.
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    Can you log into the SprintPCS site with a PC?
    LEt me know, and that is step one, then we can go from there.
    Don't call Sprint, they will tell you to do a hard reset.
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    login as in login to webmail? ?
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    No, as in and you use your phone number and password to log in.

    Also, knowing what user name they gave you will be a big help too. It should be the same as your PCS email address.
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    just call sprint and have them reset you pass words and remember you only need to set up the picture mail and email its both the same, remember to write them all down on paper. ps when a sprint rep answers ask for data service tech.
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    i second lonnielove's solution - get data service tech, have them change the password, keep them on the phone (land line of course, if they have to reprovision anything when messing with stuff) until it works!
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    Check this out on palmOne support:,CASE=25997
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    A note about this - the changes done by tech support or yourself via the Internet do not always take immediate effect. Minutes or hours may pass before it does. Ben

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