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    My phone usage habits have recently changed and I've been running over 200+ minutes a month for the last coupla months. Called today to see what I could do about the situation and asked to be directed immediately to "Account Retention" intimating that if we couldn't work out something satisfactory to myself, I'd be moving on to another company. (I wasn't really considering that as an option, since with a CDMA Treo 600 I really don't HAVE much in the way of options. But the veiled threat couldn't hurt.)

    I currently have a grandfathered plan which consists of 500 Anytime & 4000 N&W (9 PM) with unlimited Vision & SMS for ~$50 a month. Been with Sprint for 5+ years or so.

    Really, all I wanted to do was get my Nights & Weekends changed to 7:00 PM for free and maybe get a usage credit if I agreed to another 2 years contract.

    I ended up with 750 Anytime, Unlimited 7:00 PM Nights & Weekends, Free Sprint to Sprint, and kept my unlimited Vision and SMS for the same $50 a month. Plus I THINK he put through a 5% discount on my monthly bill, so I'm gonna actually pay LESS. He backdated all of the stuff to count for this billing period as well as crediting 180 minutes of overage to my account.

    Unfortunately, I didn't write down his name and can't remember it. Regardless, I see alot of *****ing & moaning about Sprint service here and elsewhere. Just wanted to relay a very GOOD expereince.

    Doug "Doberman" Hillman

    If you can't be a good example then at least try to be a horrible reminder.
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    Wow - that's great, Doug. Truly the whiners and moaners are often louder (and in the minority I'd say, judging by Sprint's userbase) than those of us that are actually content or even (gasp) happy with our service and experiences. Kudos to you, though, for working the system.
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    I definitely am with you guys on that. Every one *****es and moans about how Sprint sucks. But I have been very satisifed with the level of service and support I've received for the past 6 years from Sprint. Thanks Doug for starting a thread that will hopefully show others that there are two sides to Sprints story.

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