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    I tried searching the forums to see if this has been discussed before, but didn't find anything...

    When using the SMS client on the Treo 600, what is the charge?? Do you get 100 a month with Vision or is it unlimited?

    I recently started using it, and called and asked them and they said it was 100, but that I could pay the $5 for unlimited. I declined, but when I got my bill it says unlimited... but no extra $5 charge. I called Sprint, and they insist that it's only 100, but couldn't explain why the bill says Unlimited.

    I thought I heard a rumor somewhere that because the Treo 600 couldn't do two way text messaging in the beginning that Sprint was going to do things differently with them... but didn't hear anything else.

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    I think a lot of it has to do with when you signed up for Vision services. I have had unlimited Vision for $10 since I originally bought my Treo 300 a month after it was out. My understanding was that Sprint grandfathered them into the 600 because the 600's were supposed to have SMS and originally Sprint did not support it. When the 600 came out and true ms-sms was implemented later, Sprint gave unlimited sms to existing 600 owners. Now, I can't recall the date this happened, but perhaps earlier this year, I think.

    So, I guess it depends when you broke down and finally bought your 600. YMMV
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    Casey -

    When you review your bill detail, does it say how many "wireless web messages" you used? If that is the same number as the number of SMS you sent, then chances are that your Vision package includes free SMS. There is a bit of a gray area between Sprint's older Vision-Based web messaging service and SMS. Most Vision plans that were activated before SMS was launched are "grandfathered" with unlimited SMS.

    I've found that when I view my account (by going to the Vision website via my Treo) to look at my "wireless web messages" used, they are the equivalent of SMS.

    So I would say that if you used SMS on your last bill, but weren't charged for it, you probably have free SMS. I can't say if it is unlimited, because I use probably 20 or less messages a month...But even over that is only 5 or 10 cents per message I would think.
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    I was thinking that I must have been "grandfathered" in... On the bill it is stated as "Wireless Web Messages", and the number listed does equal the number of inbound/outbound messages during that time.

    I got my T600 in January, right before the SMS was available.

    Thanks Again,
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    You should be all set - I would say that you're safe in using "unlimted" SMS - however many messages that may be for you...

    Happy messaging!

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