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    I did the Biz Connection thing, but that only forwards email when I'm logged in at the office (I use a laptop, so keepong logged in all the time isn't possible).

    I share office space with another CPA, my outlook useshis MS exchange server and I pull from my own pop3 accounts.

    All I want to do is to be able to pull from my pop3 accounts when I'm out of the office.

    What do I need to do...

    Sorry for the basic question

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    Do you know your pop3 account settings? If so, open the Sprint Mail app (or purchase another mail prog) and go to View > Edit Account. Click on New and follow the directions. If you don't know your pop3 settings open up your Outlook while at work and go to Accounts, and click Edit or Properties or something on your account. The info there will be similar and transferrable to the Palm mail program.

    Good luck.

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