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    The day has finally come to activate my Treo600. Well at first I was a bit excited but little did I know what I was going to go through. Ever since this morning I have not been able to make any successful calls from either my AT&T Motorola V60i or my Sprint Treo600. I talked to sprint and they told me that I should expect the phone to be ported from att to sprint within 2 hours. I called around 7pm since my ATT phone stopped working and my treo was still not activated. I thought maybe its a small glitch and they probably just need to send an over the air activation. I call and they tell me I need to do a manual program and I put in ##481844 and they tell me to put in a few numbers and in 2 hours the voice part of the phone should work and in 4 hours the vision part should work. 1 hour goes by and nothing is working. 2 hours go by and nothing is working. So now I'm a little worried and a bit tired. I call them up again they walk me through the manual programming and I was told to wait another hour and call back if nothing happens. 9 o'clock rolls by and still nothing. At this point sprint doesnt seem to have any clue to whats going on. I call and I talk to 4 different people and none of them have any clue. they all tell me that my phone is showing as active and it should work fine. So finally I get someone at a higher level of technical help but of course I cant hear anything he's saying and he puts me on hold for over 20 mintues and then the calls just ends. I called back and somehow I get directed to a person who sees something wrong with my account. Apparently my phone is not "hitting" any of the towers and none of my numbers are matching up so he says he's going to manually update them and this kind of stuff happens time to time so finally he finishes and we go. Its now 12:30am and over 12 hours have went by and still no progress.

    I never realized how bad sprint can make porting a phone number. I have no clue what to do now. I really needed to vent because not one of the people I spoke with were able to do anything to even get my phone working for voice or even data. They all told me to manually program the phone which did nothing since it was already programmed. Even after the tech manually updated my database the phone is still not working. This is crap and not what I had in mind when I went to activate it this morning
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    Unfortunately sounds like an all too commom problem with Sprint customer service....did you get the phone from a Sprint store?...if so, kinda looks like you need to go back and raise some hell there...good luck, let us know how it turns out

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    I got it directly from sprint from the *2 number. I spent all day yesterday talking to reps who kept making me manually program the phone. I wake up today and of course its still not working so I get a little annoyied and I called a rep. Of course I get the runaround right away. I must have been transfered 3 or 4 times before I ended up with a basic rep who started to make me manually program the phone and I just told her upfront I did this atleast 5 or 6 times now so I know its not my phone and I dont need to manually program it anymore. I told her I need to speak with tech support who can make changes to the database. She transfers me to some guy who thinks its my phone. He refuses to believe its a problem on sprints part so he tells me to wait 24hours. ARE YOU CRAZY. I just blew up. I told him that its been more than 24 hours now and I still have no cell phone service from either ATT or sprint and waiting more will do nothing. He than pulls out this crap about how it takes time to port a number and it can take up to 48 hours. Well I know that but the number has already been ported to sprint and now the phone wont connect to the network but he doesnt realize this at all. I hang up and call right back and FINALLY I get a rep who actaully wants to help me out. She realizes that I've been trying to manually program the phone and it wasnt working and that its probably sprints fault because I cant make or recieve calls yet. She decides that it probably going to take a little research. At this point I was a little pesimistic of her ever calling make but to my surprise she actually called back tell me that my phone was in a total mess. It was sprints fault and she cleared it all up. The phone couldnt connect because of network issues which she took care of and I should now be able to make and receive calls. She makes a test calls and OH MY GOD it works! I hung up with her and finally things are sorted out. Its unbelievable that sprint refuses to accept a problem being on their parts. Its always the user or the phone never their network. When I was ATT the problem was ALWAYS with their network. I rememeber everytime I called the network was being "worked" on and that the phone should be fine in a couple days. With sprint its never the network its always you. Amazing...
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    Sorry to hear that happened. I am not a fan of Sprint's customer service but think their phone and data plans are great. Luckily, my CS issues have finally all gone away and I just enjoy the service now.
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    From what I can tell this has nothing to do with Sprint's Customer Service. The Port Escalation Group, (as with all carriers) is a totally different group from the regular customer service folks.

    The issue, from what I can tell, was some kind of system delay with the Porting Group Specifically. We had a guy who was out of service for two days while porting from AT&T to Sprint earlier this week. There is nothing that a CSR can do to help this. The PEG has to re-initiate the port.

    What you CAN do is ask Sprint for some kind of service credit for the inconvenience of having no service. Chances are you'll be able to get this...

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