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    For the last few weeks I have had sporadic issues when trying to make a phone call on my treo 600 using Sprint. I will dial the number but the call will not go through, and even though it shows 4 bars of reception, the phone will say "No Service". Then my phone proceeds to freeze up and then it auto-performs a soft reset, turning my wireless mode off. When I try to turn it back on, my phone just resets, again.

    I thought this may be my phone messing up due to possible non-compliant hacks that I have installed in the past, so I performed a hard reset, getting rid of all my software and settings (except what comes standard on the phone). This did not fix my issue at all. I still could not make a call and my phone would just reset.

    Today it has started doing this, and now it's impossible for me to get the wireless mode up and running (even if I don't attempt to make a call). It's performing a soft reset every time I try to turn on the wireless mode?

    Any guesses as to what is going on? Is it my phone or is it a Sprint network issue?
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    I'm not having any Sprint PCS issues today (Mass / Cape Cod area); possibly it's your local area; more likely (unfortunately) it's that your radio is going kaput. You probably need to bring it to an SPCS store and have then check the radio out. May the force be with you.
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    Thanks for the response. For some reason after I read the response, it seemed to trigger the recall of a possible thread I read a while back about someone having similar issues that seemed to be resolved whenever they plugged their treo into the recharger. So, I tried it and it instantly solved my problem.

    However, if I unplug my treo then it stops working again!
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    you have the network search/ battery problem. Mine did the same thing. got it replaced for that. Good luck.
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    I have been having the same problem (network search/battery). So you think if I take it to a Sprint store they will replace or will they give me a hassle? Is the problem battery or something else? Thanks.
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    I had the exact same problem earlier this week. I took it back to the Sprint Store and they gave me a replacement on the spot. It is not a problem with the Sprint network.
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    this is a well documented problem. call customer care and tell them u have the problem and that you did some research and found that this is very annoying and common. they will replace
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    Yes, I took the phone to a sprint store today and they replaced it on the spot. I was a little bit afraid that they would hassle me about it because the phone I had in hand was a refurbished one (with only a 90 day warranty). However, I kept my mouth shut, not volunteering any information, and they replaced it with a brand new one..

    The new phone, however, does not have the latest firmware, so I will have to go through process of updating it.
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    i've had this same problem - where the phone will say "no service" when i try to place a call. this happens even when i have several bars of service. the phone typically freezes up for a few seconds then goes back to the main phone dialing screen. however, this problem comes and goes for me. it's usually there only when the batter is about 60% or less. my main concern is that the problem only happens sometimes, so how am i supposed to prove to the sprint folks that it's happening if i can't reproduce the problem in the store?
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    nzwarner - in my experience, you won't have to reproduce the actual problem to get the unit replaced. If you take the unit to Sprint store that has the appropriate testing function (a Hewlett Packard testing thing/device/machine), they will test your 600 and see if the problem exists in your phone. The general thinking is that there is some sort of power problem, where the battery loses power to a point where the phone can't keep its network connection solidly and consistently. The Sprint tech in the store will run some sort of callibration test (or whatever) with the HP unit, determine if your phone needs replacing, and then you'll get one of a) a new unit there at the store, or b) a refurb unit there at the store, or c) a new unit sent to you, or finally d) a refurb unit sent to you. One of those.
    So nz - you shouldn't HAVE to plan on making the problem occur at the store. Take it in, have them test it (they've probably done it before), and you should be good to go.
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    thanks for the reply - i hope you are right. i'll give it a try this week - hopefully i'll get a new one instead of a refurb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nzwarner

    thanks for the reply - i hope you are right. i'll give it a try this week - hopefully i'll get a new one instead of a refurb.
    Please let us know your results. I began encountering the exact same symptoms as yourself about 3 days ago. I also thought it may have been some intermittent Sprrint network issue, but I see now that it is not!
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    Well, I went into Sprint yesterday and after a tiny bit of hassle ("did you try a hard reset? did you remove all of your 3rd party apps?"), they are ordering a new one for me. For some reason they couldn't give me a new one on the spot (I'm not sure if they had them in stock or not), they said they had to order one from the "warehouse" and it would be in the store in 1-2 days, at which point they'll call me to pick it up. I seemed to convince them that it was a common problem, and they seemed to believe me. Hopefully it'll be a new one w/o problems. Has anyone been given a refurb as a warranty replacement? Is that allowed?
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    yep, I went through this same process, and got a refurb. No problems with it, and it's fine. I wouldn't worry too much about it being a refurb vs a new one. I couldn't tell any difference at all.
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    nrosser, how did you know it was a refurb? did it come in a new box? did they tell you it was a refurb? thanks for your help!
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    Dial ##786 and look for "Refurb Status". That will tell you if it is a new or refurb device.
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    mine came in the refurb box 'factory reconditioned'. No biggie to me.
    (and they told me at the store when all this went down that they'd have to ship me one; that the days of 'walk out of the store with a replacement and supposed to send back the old one' really messed them up. Most folks never sent back the old one, or would say 'umm - well, I sent it; it must have gotten lost in the mail/whatever.).
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    I went to exchange mine yesterday and they also said they had to "order" one from the warehouse, and that it would take 4 business days. I'll let you know if I reeive a refurb unit or not. At least they were pretty reasonable in placing the order without excessively grilling me on the nature of the problem.
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    had a similar problem. seems related to the battery. brought in to the local sprint store, I had to leave it there for 2 hours and it was found to have failed the HP test. They had to order one from the warehouse. the receipt they gave me states that it is a reconditioned one. Let's see if it is ok or not..
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    Well, I THOUGHT I was having a good experience with Sprint's customer service on this one, but...

    My original Treo 600 started losing signal more and more and the battery appeared to drain much more frequently, so I brought it in to a store to test. After leaving it with them for an hour, I came back and was told it was fine, but that the techs did some sort of software upgrade that should help (which seemed odd given that all my data was still intact, etc, making me suspect they didn't really upgrade anything). A couple weeks later I received that Sprint text message to download the 1.20 update. After the install, I started getting the frozen screen issue (usually during an incoming call; the phone would keep ringing and ringing but I couldn't answer, ignore the call, or even silence the ringer without flipping the top switch to silent and/or soft-resetting the phone). So, I brought the phone back into Sprint.

    The techs couldn't figure out what was wrong, said they hadn't even heard of the issues I was having, and even commented that they hadn't even heard of the 1.20 update (and couldn't figure out how I got it on the phone)... but they ordered me a refurb unit that I swapped out for a few days later. Unfortunately, while the refurb unit didn't seem to have any of the aforementioned problems, the microphone didn't work. Seriously. I could receive calls, hear calls, do anything I wanted to on the internet, but anything I said into the phone still resulted in silence on the other end. Obviously I brought the phone back in the next day.

    The very apologetic CSR that I talked to swapped out the refurb phone for a brand-new, in-box phone within minutes of me describing the problem. I was pretty happy about this, so I left thinking it was a good day. I checked the software version on the phone, though, and saw it was still v1.0. Hmm... the phone didn't seem to be having any problems, so I left it alone for the time being... until I discovered that the browser couldn't correctly display any sites that required cookies (even though I confirmed that the "accept cookies" option was checked). Strange, my original phone never had this problem. ...So last night I downloaded and installed the 1.20 update.

    All hell broke loose from there. Now ANY internet usage soft-resets my phone: launching the web browser, checking my mail with Snappermail, etc. I probably check my email and browse the internet on my Treo more than I actually make phone calls on it (although its close...). Without the internet-side of things, I practically have no reason to stick with a Treo when there are a ton of sleeker and cooler looking Sanyos and Samsungs or whatevers out there. ...So now I'm frustrated as hell. I'm sure the store will give me a replacement (the CSR even mentioned that if I continue having problems, they'll likely swap me an equivalent phone of a different manufacturer, or even the upcoming 610 which she actually claimed was on its way soon... don't know how truthful that claim was).

    Anyone else go through 3-soon-to-be-4 phones like me? (Oh... not to mention the Treo 300 that I owned problem-free before this; almost makes me wanna go back to that enormous, yet functional, monstrosity.)
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