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    I have recently switched a treo over to verizion. I'm in the Seattle area. Everything is working great but the Express Network connection seems very slow - 17Kbps

    How fast should it be?

    Someone else posted this link to test your speed.

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    I'm getting 46-61 kbps in NYC on Verizon express network. Got 8-14 with qnc connection.
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    I like the sound of 46-61. Is the speed wholly a part of your local verizon service or are there things you can do to increase the speed. I'm guessing I'm at mercy of verizon.
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    There must be something wrong here. I'm in the Balt./Wash. area, and when I go to "" why do I consistently get between 120-170kbps when choosing a 100k file??
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    Try the bigger file (200KB) - less chance of an anomaly messing up the results.
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    Ok, so a funny thing happened. I was searching on the web and found a post about someone else having slow Express Network connection. Capped at about 16K. To make a long story short, I emailed Verizon and asked them to check and see if my Express Network speed had been capped. I then asked if they could remove the cap. I haven't heard back but about an hour after I sent the email, my speeds jumped to 60 - 90k. That's from 16-17. Now it is useable!

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