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    My only interaction with Sprint in my life has been the purchase of a Treo via Amazon and activation on Sprint network. My initial reaction was that they were pretty much like any other cell company. Mediocre reception in our area but workable.
    Then I dropped the Treo. Fell in a manner that locked the 'P' key and required a soft reboot to turn it on each time. Whew.. got the insurance so I'm safe.
    But I thought I'd stop by Sprint and see if they could maybe fix it locally. Walked in the store and immediately had someone ask if they could help. Gave them my Treo with the explanation (noting in my mind the separation anxiety building as soon as it left my hand). After 15 long minutes (what did I used to do with the spare time before I had a Treo?) the rep came back out and said they were giving me a new Treo. New. Out of the box. Sealed. Not even fingerprints.

    Got back home. Recharged. Put in the SD Backup chip and did the restore. Called Sprint and did the activation. One hour later I had everything back. Could not possibly ask for more.

    Maybe the services are feeling the pinch of easy account transfers are getting the customer service message? Whatever the cause Sprint did a standup thing above and beyond.
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    From what I've heard the Sprint stores are generally much more helpful than the over-the-phone CSR's. That said, I've never had problems with Sprint either (my situation is nearly identical to yours in the purchase-from-Amazon-activate-etc.) and the few times I have had to call Customer Service, I've never had any issues.

    Remember, the people with problems are always more vocal than the people without. Glad to hear things are working for you.

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