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    Looking for another vermonter to baseline data speed on sprint

    I live in Vermont (williston) and I ran the data speed test here...
    and I got barely 16-24kbs for the 100k test
    that sucks

    I was in atlanta last week and it was blazing fast!!!

    What's wrong with vermont? (all jokes welcome, but SOMEONE send the data!@!!
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    I spent Memorial Day weekend in Rochester (which, I'll admit, is the boonies) and there was zero coverage - no digital SPCS, no data, no roaming, nothing. Which is one reason I really like our place in Rochester! Probably the only days in a given year I'm not connected are when we're vacationing up there...
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    I'm looking for somone in Vermont with service... and it's pretty good coverage in the state... to run the speed test.
    Any takers?
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    Down here in Woodstock, VT Sprint is useless. I've been waiting patiently for Verizon...tick, tock, tick, tock.

    My guess is your data transfer is like everything else in VT and what makes this place still's slowwwwww.
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    I get 80-120k in NH
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