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    Ok I Need To Calm Down.
    I just back from my local sprint store.
    Treo 600 user -- the "network search issue" hit me and went to get my phone replaced. They tested it and said I needed a new phone -- which they didn't have and needed to order.
    So as the guy is processing the exchange he asks my for my home phone number (to call me when the replacement is in since my treo can no longer
    pick up calls).
    Then he mentioned he giving me 50 "free" long distance minutes. I asked him to explain, and he said it was for my home, not my treo.
    I explained sprint was not my local nor my long distance provider -- and I did'nt want it to be.
    This is where we go off track... the little machine where you sign credit card receipts pulls up a LONG agreement... HE pages thru it, checks to boxes, and says "sign herwe to process your treo exchange"... I look and the two checked boxes say I agree to change my local and long distance providers to sprint.
    I obviously explode.
    He claims it not what it says... I tell him I can read English. At that point I ask him to print it up for me -- he refused and cancels the transaction on his register. I asked to speak with the manager -- I'm told he not there. I rant for a bit accusing him of lying to me...He continues to claim that that's not what he tried to do, but can't explain (and wont reproduce) what he did. then I ask for and get the managers card I ask when he is going to be in. They point to another guy helping another customer and he too busy to come over.

    I feel like sprint lied and tried to cheat me.
    I am fuming. What would you do?
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    I hope you got his name! What he tried to do was "SLAM" you. It's against the law to change your long distance carrier without your authorization. They can be heavily fined, so I'm sure Sprint would not condone such behavior. Call their Corporate Office. You'll find the number on
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    It's pretty easy to do. Just go to the fcc website. Hopefully you got the guy's name. Slamming is definitely one of the things they go after.
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    In this particular case simply writing a letter to the manager, CCed to someone higher up like Sprint Legal, saying that a sales person attempted to get a user to change his provider by pre-filling in a form under the apparent assumption that the non-native-english-speaker customer wouldn't noitce, should get sufficient attention.

    Maybe CC the local main newspaper, too. They love this stuff.
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    It is illegal and you are probably righ when you say Sprint doesn't condone this BUT it is not unusual. It was tried with both mine and my wife's phones. This after I explained I don't have or want a long distance carrier of any kind. Sort of like AOL continuing to charge after you cancel. They say it's impossible but it has been common practice all the way back to Steve Case's earlier online services.
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    Yea, bad deal, but i dont think its Sprints fault. Its this guys fault, and i would write a letter to sprint demanding his job.
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    Call your local phone company. Tell them you want to put a "pic freeze" on your phone number(s).

    What this does is set it so that if you change long distance carriers in the future you must personally call the phone company and change the pic code (the code that determines what LD company the call is routed to). The phone company will reject any requests from all LD companies who place a request on your behalf.

    This is the best defense against a slammer.
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    I'm not sure where you're located, but in New York, when you change phone providers the law states that you _must_ be transferred to an independent third party top verify your changes in a clear manner.

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