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    I installed Updater 1.20 to my Treo600 over the weekend. Immediately afterwards, my phone went nutso again ... unexpected resets primarily, but the biggest problem was the touchscreen would not work! In most applications it would not work at all. On the dialpad, if I pushed 1 it would dial a 5 (and other problems).

    Anyone else experience similar problems?

    I had to get Sprint PCS to replace the handset.
    Now, I'm hesitant to try putting 1.2 on the new device.
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    Did you try to redigitize the touchscreen? It sounds like your first install of the updater might have been faulty. Perhaps a reinstall would have fixed it.

    With your new T600, check the ESN against the range of units prone to the Network Search issue (see If it falls within that range, you take a chance of triggering the problem if you update to 1.20 (at least that was my experience). Also, read the posts in the first several pages of the Update!!! Update!!! Update!!! thread to see how others successfully installed the update using a temporary user name and no additional software.

    Hope this helps.

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