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    I just started using a T600 on the VZ network. Before that I had used a GSM version, first on T-Mobile and later on Cingular. While I like the VZ network better (hence the switch), the GSM version got amazingly better battery life. Hours and hours of use of the GSM version and days of standby would dent the battery. On the CDMA version on the VZ network, I am down to half a battery bar after just a half hour of talk time and 12 hours of standby.

    Are there other switchers out there who have found the same thing?
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    My Treo 600 on Sprint got nearly two weeks of standby time over the holidays - and even then only went down to about 35%. Currently, by day's end (figure maybe an hour of talk time and another hour or two of application use) I end up with around 70-80% left in terms of battery life.

    It is possible that the VZ "hack" causes the Treo to have to "search" more for a network? I mean, the CDMA version is meant to operate (efficiently) at 1900Mhz - the Sprint network. The 800Mhz "roaming" ability is a second-choice...perhaps switching to VZ (which operates predominantly at 800Mhz) causes the Treo to work overtime in terms of searching for the right network...? This would certainly decrease battery life dramatically.
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    While the CDMA Treo (and CDMA phones in general) definitely has less battery life than the GSM model, going through 50% after just a 1/2 hour phone call and 12 hours of standby is not right. Could be the Verizon bit that Indicator mentioned.

    Since you're on the Verizon network I assume you aren't using the data service? I know just being connected to Vision on Sprint will really chow the battery.
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    "Battery life:

    Verizon Wireless
    Up to 5.5 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time
    Up to 5 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time"
    - Palm Pre Plus Tech Specs

    I was wondering how is this true? I remember reading through threads and how people said CDMA used more battery.

    I just checked the Pixi - "Battery life
    Verizon Wireless
    Up to 5.2 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time
    Up to 5.5 hours talk time and 350 hours standby time"

    Raises another question why is the pixi better on on talk time vs the pre.
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    CDMA technology offers lower talk time than GSM because the transmitter (CDMA) is active all the time. GSM has higher talk time than CDMA based phones because the transmitter (TDMA) does not require constant transmit. The transmitter can be idle when not actually transmitting packets.

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