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    How can i tell if a warranty replacement phone (treo 600) is refurbished?
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    i thought they were all refurbished.
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    ##786 in the Phone app and scroll down to the Refurb Status.
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    Cool mine was a brand new one with a palm one on its case and not handspring!
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    My warranty replacement that i got a couple of weeks ago was new also with the PalmOne logo.
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    I am thinking about returning my Sprint phone in for a replacement due to the speaker phone. Has anyone "recently" received a re-furbed phone for a replacement from Sprint? Or are they sending out all news ones now? Thanks.
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    I got a refurb when I took mine in for "network search", but I couldn't be more happy with it. I think they are putting all new shells on the phones, so they look perfectly new...
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    I received a replacement under the equipment replacement plan with Sprint and it was a problem;

    1) 5 way nav button was out of alignment
    2) LCD was crooked
    3) battery seemed to die far too quickly

    Finally had a heart to heart with the rep at the local sprint store and they are replacing it.

    Stay tuned...
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    ##786 doesn't work on my Treo (w/T-Mo). I get a "Network Error". Any clues?
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    I get the same problem as beowolf777. Anyone know why?
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    i get it to with orange UK
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