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    I've checked around and haven't really found any discussion on this...

    Has anyone who is using a T600 on verizon run the new sprint 1.2 updater (or the "ubranded GSM" updater)??

    If so, which one did you run (I don't even know if you can run the GSM updater on our phones) and did it break anything as far as the reprogramming to Verizon goes?

    I'm just afraid that somehow the firware upgrade will somehow lock us out of being able to use verizon... I suppose it's not *that* likely, but I don't want to find out the hard way...
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    good that you were thoughtful enough to ask...

    the 1.2 update will update your phone w/ a sprint PRL... you'll have to upload the verizon one w/ PST to get back up and running.

    you'll want to run the spring updater, not the GSM one.
    -- derby
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    Yep.. I did it and you need to use the Kyocera tool to reinstall the VZ PRL and then do the *228 updates. It works great, voice recorder and all.
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    Thanks! I'll run the update sometime this week then... Thanks again!
  5. #5're from Portland or Seattle aren't you? I think I saw you at a laptop battle at Chop Suey.
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    I'm actually from the Boston area... sorry
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    Hmm...that's a unique name. There's a guy from Seattle or Portland who uses it for his solo-moniker for electronic music. Funny. Small world. But I wouldn't want to paint it.
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    is there anything wrong with NOT updating the 1.2 update?

    It was a pain to do the conversion and I dont' want to mess up again.
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    There's really no reason NOT to update. I converted to Verizon last week then updated to 1.2 and had no issues. All you have to do is use the Kyocera program to re-upload the PRL (which you've already done once), it takes about 30 seconds. Then dial *228 and you're done.

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    for those with verizon : how do you like using the treo 600 on vz?

    do you get improved signals, voice reception and data transmission?

    compared to sprint, how is it performing?

    very curious. I thinking about MAYBE switching to vz.
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    My Treo on Vz rocks!!

    However, I do not recommend the update as of yet. Most people with the update report that the Treo turns on spontaneously at 3:30 am. Often, if the treo is in the cradle, it won't shut off. I had to use Profiles to get it to turn off. Also, the car kit is NOT supported properly yet (though it says it is). The manufacterers are working to get palm to correct the bugs.
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    My Treorizon is awesome too. As far as the update, I had no problems with it. I usually have Radio Control switch off my Wireless mode during the night and recently had some late work nights where I don't see it come on. Maybe having a set radio off time fixes it or maybe I don't have that problem of "waking" in the middle of the day. Need to experiment alittle.

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