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    I beleive that my Treo 600 only works on one frequency 900 or 1900. I therefore have significantly poorer coverage than I did with my previous Verizon phone.

    Any ideas on how to change this would be greatly appreciated.

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    The FAQ says:

    5. If you have "Roaming" message on phone screen, punch ##3825 or ##727 or ##2362 the Dial. This is because the TREO 600 sometimes works as PCS only or CDMA only. 3825 means "Dual", 727 means "PCS (1900Mhz)", and 2362 means "CDMA (800Mhz)".
    You can check which Band is being used by punching ##33284.
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    Verizon's main network operates at 800Mhz. Sprint's operates at 1900. So if this is a Verizon phone, you'd probably be at 800Mhz...

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