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    I am about to take the plunge tonight to convert a newly purchased Sprint 600 to Verizon. I currently have an unbranded GSM 600 that I use on Cingular.

    Is it ok to sync and restore all my programs, etc. from my Cingular 600 to the Sprint/Verizon 600 or will that cause problems?
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    Same situation here. Hope you get some good answers. I'm afraid to do a restore from my backup card as that may contain network specific settings that I don't want to overwrite the Sprint phone with. So I'm wondering the easiest way to restore as much as possible without actually doing it app by app.

    Kevin R.
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    I'd go for a piece by piece re-install. Looking through the developer's guide, there are distinct differences between some of the GSM files and some CDMA files.
    It may affect one or more of the following:
    Phone App:
    GSM handles 6 party conference calls, CDMA handles 2 party conference calls.
    There are some GSM supplemntary services such as Call forwarding and call barring that are not available to CDMA
    SIM Card features are not avaible to CDMA
    Native MMS app not available on CDMA
    There are seperate Telephony libraries for GSM and CDMA (I'm not quite sure what these are)
    There appears to be a GSM Library piece of software for 3rd party SMS applications.

    I'm assuming there is other differences as well. However, the guide is 636 pages long, those are the differences I quickly found.
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