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    Looks to be the best deal out there - $639 less, $120 from Amazon, less $100 from Sprint (one year contract) for a total of $419.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Bought 2 from Amazon, activated on Sprint with no issues. Received rebates from both Amazon and Sprint in a timely manner. This was back at the beginning of the year when the net cost after rebates was $250.
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    2nd that - Amazon was fine (and cheap) for me.
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    Actually. Here is a secret.

    I printed out info from Amazon and took it into local sprint store. I spoke to the manager and they honored the Rebate and special from Amazon. Ended up getting phone for $359.00 after taxes and instant rebates.

    Good luck!
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    An even better secret...I took in Comp USA circulars, and my SPCS store Mgr agreed to get me into the T600 for $299 with 2yr Activation. No rebate hassles, etc.

    Now...tell me how I can get the guy to spot me the phone WITHOUT new activation?
    I just re-upped for a 2 year, last year to get Unlimited N/W at 7pm. Seems to me, I could have bailed without a deactivation(I was long since off-plan), but I re-upped.
    Now I can't get any real benefit from it. :-( I want a Treo on my Existing plan.

    Any creative thoughts?

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    I ordered mine in January. Had to wait nearly a month because they were back ordered.

    Then my problems have had to do with Sprint, since it took 3 weeks to get someone else's account with my SS number cleared up.

    Been unhappy with Sprint, though. Getting the previous cleared up, getting sent to a store twice to get it activated. Turns out my home is on the edge of their service area, and the phone switched to a stronger roaming signal a couple times my first month, costing me an extra $30+ in roaming.

    And I still haven't received my Sprint rebate yet. (I'm glad I decided to spend the extra $50 and commit to only one year).

    I'll last this year out, and see if there is a nicer phone out next year. The 2 features I want added to the phone is a higher res screen (clearer fonts), and bluetooth. I don't know if any of these are in the cards. I would also hope that another vendor has a decent priced internet option. $15/month, or even $20/month, is doable. $50 or $80 isn't. Bluetooth would allow me to connect my larger handheld to the computer for internet access while travelling.

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