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    Ok i'm stuck on what to do with my phone. I've got a sprint branded treo on the verizon network. I am so sick of my phone resetting every freaking time I get a text message. I am also hearing a lot of negatives about the update. Also since I purchased the phone outright I don't really have any warranty on it if the phone gets screwed up during the update so what should i do? Is there any other way to fix the text message resetting as that is my only real complaint. thanks.
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    If I remember correctly my SMS reset problem went away when I updated with 1.1. I'm still waiting to find out if 1.2 is ok for those of us who've switched our Sprint phones to verizon...
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    well my phone has never been updated, it is a newer phone but it is running 1.0. If I could keep my phone from resetting so much and If i could get a little better signal this would be the ultimate phone. Don't get me wrong, I love this thing I'm just a little agitated with the sms resetting. I'm kind of stuck as to whether or not to update because if it messes up my phone during update I could be SOL and stuck with a broken phone.
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    get the udater , get the updater and if that don't work replace it
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    And if the update is worse that the previous version, then find the previous version and UPDATE! love those updates. Ben

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