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    I am having a lot of problems staying connected to vision since update 1.2.

    I get errors when trying to connect through Snappermail or Blazer and so I got to System Preferences to the network screen and click on "connect" and this will connect me. Then I can log into my Blazer for a short while. Then it beeps and drops the connection. Sometimes it resets.

    I ran the updater and then restored all my old data back to my device. I am wondering if I should have just gone through the misery of reloading my apps one by one instead. This is such a pain because then I have to reenter my registration codes, reset all preferences, etc. But I am thinking that this is what I may have to do.

    Is anyone else having vision problems?
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    I am also experiencing this problem. Data timeouts from blazer & snappermail since the 1.20 update. No problem making vision connection but that as far as these apps can get.
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    I had this problem way before I updated. I actually haven't had this problem since I updated but that doesn't mean it has gone away. It's only been a day since update. I've been wondering how to fix that problem for a long time.
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    Well my phone is now dead. It would not connect to the network at all and I could not get wireless mode to come up... just "connecting" and then reset. Endless resets. I went to the Sprint store and waited in line for 20 minutes. The tech did a hard reset and then reprovisioned it and said it was all set and I wouldn't have any more problems. I get out to my car and it starts happening again. Reseting... no connection... "no service" I had to go someplace so I couldn't go back. Now I have a dead phone. I am so frustrated.
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    I have been experiencing loss of service frequently for the past 2-3 weeks. It's so inconsistant I can't rely on my phone. It happens at all different times or areas. I finally found out about the Sprint update 1.2 yesterday and installed it but the same (maybe worse??) happens. In my area Sprint is the only one with data/digital/internet service so I have no choice in switching. Anyone found any solutions? I believe it must be a software/firmware issue because my wife's Sprint (non-Treo) cell phone works just dandy.
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    Yes that too. I do intend to call Sprint and demand a new phone. They tried to fix it and it didn't work. *sigh*

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