My phone usage is about to go up quite a bit so I called sprint to see what deals there were available. The rep said that they had a couple of special deals he could offer. Interested in hearing if others have looked into these. Did not have to extend contract, but I did that in January anyway.

Have any of you heard or signed up for these plans?

Plan #1

Free PCS to PCS
nationwide LD
Free Vison
Free Second phone

All for $100

Plan #2

Free PCS to PCS
nationwide LD
Free Vison Premium pack w/100 text messages

Also for $100

I have a second phone, and the 1800 min plan sounded good, but I wanted the 2500 min so here is what I wound up with:

$100 2500 Min, Free PCS to PCS, Free Vision/100 text
$20 Second phone
$5 7pm Night and weekends
$4 Insurance for my Treo 300
$8 Roadside assistance for both phones (I have a teenage son!_

137.00 Subtotal
- 6.85 5% discount

$130.15 Total

I may also add later the Free and Clear Roaming option. The rep said it used to be $5 for my area but recently went up to $10