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    I am sure this is a very basic question and has been asked before (sorry if it has) but, can the Treo 600 with Sprint service roam on the Verizon network. Here in the southeast Verizon has a very extensive network and i'm wondering if I get the Treo with Sprint service will I be able to roam on the Verizon network (voice mainly) when Sprint service is unavailable?

    Thanks for your help!
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    if you have the $5/month free and clear option added to your account, you can use up to half of your minutes while roaming on the verizon network. i use this out where my parents live where the only networks with signal are verizon and at&t. it works, but it seems like the treo doesn't get as good a signal as my families more basic verizon phones. it usually goes in and out of roaming coverage depending on where i am in the house. also, keep in mind that this is for voice only, no vision data services are available while roaming.
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    You have to keep in mind that the Sprint Treo 600 will always take the weakest Sprint signal available before it will go over to a Verizon signal. It's not a "winner takes all" solution. Additionally, unless things have changed, you do not get any data services available when you are roaming onto Verizon's network with the Sprint Treo 600.

    It's a good option for obtaining service in areas that Sprint doesn't reach. But I would think it would be a poor offering in Cities where both Sprint and Verizon have service, but with different levels of quality. In those instances, the phone will rarely roam onto Verizon.

    AT&T had a similar scenario when they were introducing a Siemens phone that handled both their GSM and TDMA networks. Nice phone, but the thing would fight like hell to keep a GSM signal even when the TDMA signal was strong. My brother had that one and he could count on one hand the number of times it went with the TDMA signal.

    The same type of situation exists with the Free and Clear option (although of course in this case were talking about two different providers, not two different technologies).
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    What a joke Sprint customer service / sales reps are....went into a local Sprint store here in Atlanta and the rep told me the Treo 600 would only work on the Sprint network and would not roam on other networks (Verizon), no matter what service plan I had. Also said that Sprint service was mainly limited to major Hwys and larger cities. This is all in conflict what I have read here in TC discussion posts.

    Anyone know of a Sprint sales rep in Atlanta who is fully knowledgeable about the Treo 600?
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    It says the Treo 600 is dual band. What are those bands? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aswas
    It says the Treo 600 is dual band. What are those bands? Thanks.

    Dual band means the Treo600 supports 1900 MHz CDMA and 800 Mhz CDMA. Sprint's network uses the 1900 Mhz frequency exclusively while most of Verizon's network is 800 MHz. The Treo600 does not have analog. In order for the Sprint Treo600 to roam, there must be no 1900 Mhz signal available. Unfortunately I do not know nor do not believe it is possible to hack the Treo in order to force it to roam via 800 Mhz frequency. There have been many threads regarding this with no solution. However there are rumors on other forums about the possiblity of hacking the PRL...perhaps some of the folks who have converted the Treo to Verizon may be of more help...
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    Just to confirm, I roam on Verizon's network (voice only) in Georgia quite often. Since Sprint's coverage outside of interstates, metro areas, and a few state highways is practically nonexistent, it's a good thing that the Treo600 is capable of roaming on Verizon's 800Mhz network (The Treo300 would not roam at all).
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    Just some questions to clarify b/c I'm thinking about leaving Sprint b/c the coverage hasn't been great but I love the 600 and this option might help.

    So once you add the option to roam on Verizon's network how do you know when it is? Will it only roam on Verizon's (sorry if that's a dumb question) or can it roam on others? Will it say Verizon when roaming?

    And if you have 400 minutes - that means you can use 200 roaming or will some of your nights and weekends count, too?

    Also what if you I share a plan with my wife, how will that work with the roaming minutes? Would the 200 be shared btw both? What about with psc to psc minutes?


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    Buck, there are MANY CDMA providers in the US, probably most of which you can roam on. Verizon is just one of the many. (albeit a pretty big one) Your Treo will say "Roaming" on the top of the phone app instead of "Sprint" when you're on someone else's network. If you're curious to know who's network you're on, just dial a bogus number like "55". You will get a canned "your call could not be completed" message, but it should also include the carrier's name.

    I think the 50 percent rule includes all minutes, regardless of pcs to pcs, or nights & weekends. I would definitely add this option to your plan. Pays for itself pretty quickly!
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    The F&C Roaming/America plan allows for up to 50% of actual calls to be made while roaming. So if you talk for 1000 minutes in a given month - up to 500 of those can be roaming without additional charges. But if you talk for 300 minutes, and 250 of those are roaming, you'll be charged for 100 minutes of roaming.

    Something else to consider - Sprint is known as a "flat" CDMA network. Meaning the quality of a call on "one bar" should be identical to that of a call with "four bars". This is not necessarily true of Verizon and other CDMA carriers.

    Lastly, remember that Sprint will credit your account for any calls dropped while on the Sprint network. Just dial *2 on your phone and say "Credit for Dropped Calls" at the prompt.
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    I pay the $5/mo and it covers me for all three of my phones. I roam on everyone's network. With my Treo (2 CDMA bands) I roam on Sprint and Verizon. With my Samsung, I have digital and analog, and I roam on both. That's really a pretty good value for $5 when both my wife and I travel and we are sometimes forced to be on somebody else's network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indicator
    Sprint is known as a "flat" CDMA network. Meaning the quality of a call on "one bar" should be identical to that of a call with "four bars".
    Is it possible that this is not the case now? I used to experience good quality calls with one bar on Sprint, but not for the past month.
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    I guess it would be possible if there were a problem with the local cell/tower. In theory, though - because Sprint owns and operates all the equipment on their dedicated network - as long as you have a steady signal, it should be of the same quality at 1 bar as it is with 4. This may not be the case with AMPS (obviously) or GSM. It may be the case with Verizon, though Verizon doesn't own/operate all of their towers, or at the very least didn't install them from "the ground up" the way Sprint did. Verizon tends to buy out smaller CDMA providers and just roll them into their own network, etc...
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    It is my understanding that if I have the Sprint Free and Clear Plan and reside in NY, that if I go to my sister's house in Orlando, FL where Sprint is available or to the Poconos in PA where Sprint has a good signal, that this will not count as roaming?

    As long as I am on a Sprint network ANYWHERE in the US, that it is business as usual?

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    That is correct - as long as you're on the F&C Nationwide plan, and not the Area-Wide plan, you'll not be charged for roaming so long as you're on Sprint's network anywhere in the US.
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    Any way to keep track of how many minutes you have roamed?

    If you share minutes - family plan - how does it work then. A total of all minutes used btw both phones?

    Can you pcs to pcs while roaming?
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    I think using the "Call Duration" feature of the call log is the only way to track roaming minutes reliably.

    Family share minutes, I would assume, also share roaming minutes. It all counts as one big "bucket" - and 50% of the total use of the "bucket" can be roaming.

    I would guess that PCS to PCS does not apply while roaming...

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