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    I sheered of half of my keyboard and distroyed by beautiful T6 ivoultion case from vaja. The CPU and screen are fine. Dealing with sprint employees is a nightmare. Handspring keeps reverting me to sprint. I used to get my palm five replaced all the time. Anybody heard of repair/replace service through sprint or Handspring ?
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    Yikes!! That sucks Kilo. Yeah, Sprint's CS is pretty bad. How did your Treo get damaged? AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $they$ $only$ $way$ $to$ $get$ $a$ $replacement$ $phone$ $is$ $if$ $you$ $have$ $the$ $Lockline$ $insurance$. $Otherwise$ $it$'$s$ $just$ $the$ $standard$ $1$ $year$ $warranty$ $which$ $doesn$'$t$ $cover$ $accidents$ $etc$. $Also$, $I$ $doubt$ $if$ $pdaspecialist$.$com$ $or$ $gethighteck$.$com$ $offer$ $Treo600$ $repairs$, $but$ $I$'$ld$ $advise$ $you$ $call$ $them$ $none$-$the$-$less$... $Again$, $sorry$ $to$ $hear$ $about$ $your$ $Treo$ $trajedy$...
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