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    Anybody know what to make of this? On the face of it, this item seems to be okay but after analyzing it again, it just looks like another sly way for Sprint to make more money at the consumers' expense...


    May 3--Sprint today changed their mobile phone pricing plan to automatically give users extra blocks of time at reduced rates if they use more than their monthly limit.
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    They have posted all the details on In short, the plan has tiers of minutes, you can never "go over" your minutes since you just move up into, and pay for, additional groups of mins. as you talk more.

    The plan is more expensive than if you actually use about the mins in your current plan, but you dont have to worry about payint the 40 cents/min charge for going over.

    The people the plan would be good for is those whose usage varies wildly. Like, say, 100 min one month, 800 the next. That way you dont go over one month then pay for lots of mins you dont use the next month. Also if you are normally a low usage person but are worried that you could, for some reason, go way over one month, then the deal would make sense.

    Other than that, most folks will probably pay a bit more under the new plan. They are, in the end, buying "peace of mind" insurance that they wont go way over one month and have a huge bill.
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    Another important point -

    Choosing this plan allows you to have a lot of flexibility in your minutes WITHOUT having to change your actual plan - which results in a renewal/extension of your contract for at least one year. That, in addition to the savings of not paying 40 cents per minute of over-airtime charges is a pretty good deal for some folks, I'm sure.

    I'm content paying a little extra each month to cover my **** to ensure that I'll have enough minutes during those higher-usage months.
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    Basically the plan is per minute with the rate decreasing as you use more minutes. At half the number of minutes I currently have, I would be paying the same cost. Your use would have to vary very widely to make this a good deal. I think many people will save money buying enough to meet their max.
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    I also see this as a great way for families to cut back on over-airtime charges. Seems a safe way to reduce overall expenses for that type of thing...particularly at the higher end of usage (1000 minutes or more).

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