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    I use Handspring Mail Client to connect to my corporate email for my T600 on Sprint and have had no problem until recently. All of a sudden I can't authenticate to my SMTP server. I keep getting kicked back because there's no Reverse DNS Lookup on the address for my phone... so now I can't send email anymore. I contacted Sprint about this and they said that allowing my phone to access my corporate email was "outside the scope of my services" as a corporate account holder and that I would have to use BC!?! I said told them I don't use BC because my Oracle Mail server won't work well with it and I prefer the features and funtions of the Handspring Client. They said that it was not their responsibility to give me an IP address that makes it possible to authenticate to any SMTP server than their own! I asked them if that was the case with all Vision products... and the answer was YES! So the 3 Vision data cards I ordered for my company apparently won't work for checking our corporate email either? WTF? Great service for corporate customers. Anyone else having this problem?
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    See if you can get your IT guys to set up SMTP authentication, POP before SMTP, or some other method of identity verifying (not that a cell phone IP is necessarily a good source to use for validation anyway, but for message headers, I understand the purpose of it) that will work with the Handspring mail client and hence the Vision service. Or if all else fails, just set yourself up to use Sprint's SMTP server. You can still send mail with your regular email address as the From, you just need to authenticate with your Vision userid and password.

    As long as replies go where you want them to go, what does it matter what server you use to send the message?

    - Mike

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