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    Hi, this is my first post here. I have searched for an answer, so please forgive me if it's here somewhere and I have overlooked it.

    My Treo 600 locks up when I try to answer an incoming call while roaming, requiring a soft reset. No problem with outgoing calls on roam. I am unsure if this is a Sprint problem or a software problem. I am using Lightwav, and wonder if this could be an issue. Has anyone else experienced this?

    It doesn't seem to matter who is calling, if they are on a landline or wireless, or what carrier they use.

    Thanks, Lily
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    I have never experienced this problem, so I am going to guess that it is probably a third-party application and not a Sprint problem. However, I am not using Lightwav...not sure if that could be it. Maybe someone that is using Lightwav can let you know for sure.

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    Oops....Sorry about previous empty post!

    Does anyone else notice difficulties accessing voicemail using their favorite button when roaming? My password and is stored as part of the favorite and for some reason is not interpreted correctly when roaming. Works great on the Sprint digital network!

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