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    April 25, 2004

    Here is the newest information available. It appears that Verizon will offer the Treo 610, and not the Treo 600. The Treo 610 will probably have more memory.

    You can learn more about this at the following two links:

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    Same body, same grave..............
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    When I see a picture of a Palmone branded Treo 610, I will believe it. Until then, all of this nonsense is ridiculous
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    I spoke with my Verizon Business rep today and he did not have a release date for the Treo although I have seen somebody else mention that there business rep told them May 21. I will not comment on release dates although from what my business rep told me it should be very soon.

    He told me today that they are having a sales promotion until the end of June with the winner receiving a Treo. I asked the all important question -- will it be a Treo 600 or 610? He said a Treo 600. I then asked if he knew if the screen was high res or low res and with or without bluetooth. He said that he thought it was just a standard Treo 600 that is currently out. I hope to have some more information in the next few weeks. I have heard of a second quarter release for quite some time so I think we will see the Treo sooner rather than later.
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    I've been a treo 300/600 user on the sprint network for the past 2 years (or so...). Sprint's coverage is real splotchy (I'm in the SF Bay area). I really like the data plan and speed and price...but the calls are always dropping, or just plain dropping.

    I have heard quite a few positive comments on Verizon's voice service, which is causing me to seriously consider switching to Verizon, once they support the treo (i guess their own version of it). Does anyone know if Verizon will have a more competitive and speedy data plan, somewhat similar to Sprint's?
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    It doesn't look like they are lowering their price... 40/mo. unltd.

    Also, some folks on this group have figured out if the data speed is as high as they converted their Treos to Verizon, it would be good to hear from them again as I was confused by earlier posts as to which service works better Sprint or Verizon in terms of speed (not coverage, verizon is better) right now.

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    Im using Express Network on my Verizon Treo 600 (sprint branded)

    Express Network I have set up just takes away my airtime minutes used and does not cost me extra. After 9pm and weekends I get to surf the web unlimited for free as part of my plan.
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    Bump -- any news on Verizon's release of the Treo 610? I've been using my Treo 300 with a snapped hinge (using a rubber band to hold the thing together), and debating whether just to upgrade now to a Treo 600 or wait...
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    The Treo 600 will be released on July 12th.

    At least, that's the latest rumour.
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    Cool, thanks. Got a source for that rumor?
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    Got this link off poster at HoFo.

    Its from business page. Seems authentic.....too bad though......was hoping VZW would get the "ACE".
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    New poster on HOFO is saying August. There was a picture of the ACE on this board that referenced a release of "Summer 04"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by antmelnat
    Got this link off poster at HoFo.

    Its from business page. Seems authentic.....too bad though......was hoping VZW would get the "ACE".
    Very cool - going up a level to the parent directory:


    shows that the image file has a date from March 2004 - quite old (and, in fact, maybe dates to the time of that gaff of the inadvertant business page mentioning the TREO...).

    BTW - there are all SORTS of other images in that parent directory that are VERY interesting! Giggle...


    Editted to note that Verizon has filled the hole that allowed one to browse the parent (and other ancestor) directories.
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    There was an ad in Inc. magazine for the Treo 600 with a Verizon logo along with the other four major carriers. Whatever that means.
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    Does Verizon currently offer Push to Talk?

    Some of the images say they will if they don't right now.


    Edit: Just checked - yes, they do already.
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    My neck of the woods has made it on Verizon's should because there's definitely been enough retail and housing development in this area. Now, if only they'd add the free or at least a trial of Verizon WiFi service like they have in New York for their Verizon DSL subscribers.
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