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    My treo has been the best phone I've ever owned since October...when it came it drops calls constantly...8 out of 10 I need a new one or is this a sprint problem.??????
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    I've been having the same problems the last few days..... WHAT GIVES?????

    it seems like if all else fails, and i do a hard-reset, the calls seem stable. It's got to be some software we've both got, or recently updated.....hmmm anyone else having trouble lately? TreoButler may have been the culprit, it's been updated again and i havent had the problem. I have a weak signal in the house, so i thought that may have been part of the problem..... errrr, that is what keeps us all so addicted to the boards, fixing and making our treos bigger and badder than anything else.
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    I had this problem and the result was a bad radio in the T600. Signal was good and then when trying to call or during call, got a Network Searching. Take it to Sprint store and they can test the radio. Replacement was free an available next business day.
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    This seems to be a phenomenon of the last few days with everyone I know who has a treo. It manifests itself in data mode even more.
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    Mine died same way, Pittsburgh area, between last Saturday afternoon and last Monday night. Very strange. Took it in, they handed me a new one.
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    what did you say to get a new one...? did you have to use a product replacement insurance thing or a new one?
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    My Treo stopped working; It's less than a year old. Can you tell me what causes this problem?
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    Mine is doing it too as of this evening. I can't stay connected to anything for more than a few seconds.
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    There is another really long thread on this in the T600 Hardware section labeled something like Network Search problems. It seems that most of us who bought our phones around Oct/Nov of 2003 or earlier are having this problem. Many people have taken theirs in to a store and had them run a diagnostic test...showing a malfunction with the radio. Only problem is in some areas phones are seriously backordered which means waiting for a new phone. My suggestion is to have you phone tested before requesting a new one because if it is a software error rather than hardware (ie the radio) you can hopefully avoid the wait for nothing. If you end up needing a replacement you can ask them to call other stores in the area, or do it yourself, to see if anyone has the phones in stock. If you call on your own DO NOT tell the salesperson you are looking for a replacement. Just ask if they have any for sale b/c some people have reported stores not being truthful about their inventory if they realize you are not spending money...just looking for a replacement. Hope this helps.
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    Ok now this is strange..after 2 weeks of this frustrating behaviour now it seems to be working fine. My fear is that if I take it to get the radio tested it will pass the test even though I know there is something wrong.
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    Ok so...I went in and had the phone tested....I called ahead to see if they had T600's in stock...they did....the tested the phone and it failed the test...they said I would have to wait for a phone to come.....I said but you have them here I spoke to your employee....they said...yes but our policy (read: we don't care about your our customer) is that you will get a reconditioned phone...after a big fight I there is even one scratch on this reconditioned phone I'm raising Hell.
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    From time to time I get the "Networing Search" error still and I have found that if I put it on the cradle or plug it into the car charger: IT WORKS! Don't know why, but that seems to fix it for me.
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    I couldn't take it anymore, a large percentage of my calls were disconnecting after 4-10 seconds of connecting. Bars would go from 4 to 0 and then network search for a second or two. Very annoying behaviour. I took treo in for the test, and they are getting a replacement for me (1-4 days). So if you are having similar problems go let them give you another one (not to say this wont just keep happening). Palm or Sprint has got to know about these issues, and why don't they fix them and send out good refurbs so we don't keep complaining and wasting time & money? I know, I know, call it job security, but for chriss sake - please hear our cries!
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    I am glad to see that my advice on the radio helped some. I am sorry to hear that some local stores are not as cooperative as others. I am a lucky one who walked into a store and they handed me a knew phone right then and there. To be honest Im not sure if the one they gave me was brand new, a model from the store but I looked it over, it was clean and still had the protective plastic. I have had no problems with the new one (yeah!!!). For those of you who need to wait and they are sending you one make sure you check it over right away in terms of scratches and such. We all shelled out a lot of money for these phones and we need to make sure that we get what we paid for. My only other suggestion would be to call other local stores to see if anyone else has one in store that they can give you and make sure you keep the return receipt. When I got my new phone they said it was really important to keep the return receipt incase there were any other problems. Sorry to those who did not have as pleasant an experience as I did. Palm and sprint are aware of the problem and it seems that it is a hardware error in the early versions of the phone. If you search some of the threads talking about this problem, the people having this error bought from the first few releases.
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    For those of you who seem to belive that a fully charged battery or a charger in place helps the problem be forewarned it doesnt. Many people thought having atleast 75% charged stops the problem it will eventually get worse. I thought that too and then after a month it started happening even with a fully charged battery and even worse when the network search happened my phone would completely freeze and be totally useless. If this problem happens even just one ( the network search) have your phone tested because according to sprint that is a hardware issue and it will only get worse.
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    From time to time I get the "Networing Search" error still and I have found that if I put it on the cradle or plug it into the car charger: IT WORKS! Don't know why, but that seems to fix it for me.
    end quote

    In that other thread, it was stated that the issue is impedance of the battery - when the phone is not connected to an A/C source, the radio chip doesn't receive the correct power, which causes the network search/connecting/canceling problem. Once it gets connected to a charger, or cradle, or whatever, the problem seems to lessen. At least, that's how it is happening for me. Once I take my 600 out of the cradle, almost instantly I see data connection problems. Connecting/canceling - that cycle goes on and on for about 15 minutes.
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    This is exactly what we are all experiencing....I too can hook it up to a car charger and get some results....I am still looking for the magic answer as to how to get a NEW phone as opposed to a reconditioned phone. I have spoken with the GM of the sprint store in my neighborhood with the same answer as the minimum wage guys..."this is the policy" arghhh!!!
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    Walked into the Millenium Store Orlando FL, they tested my phone and it failed the CDMA test. They initially said that they'd have to order me a reconditioned phone. I explained I was traveling on business (I live in Dallas) and they opened up the TREO 600 candy cabinet and ponied up a new one.

    I was out of the store with a new phone it 20 minutes....and they were nice!

    Big improvement over what I normally get in Dallas or Plano.
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    Ok so I have„
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    I was having this same problem, but the Sprint store in SF was being difficult about replacing the phone. Dunno why. Today I went to an out of the way Sprint store that doesn't get very busy. They replaced my Treo 600 with a brand new one without any questions. Woo Hoo!
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