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    I wanted to add I have a room-mate who's Treo does this. We have a "temporary" fix for this, at least for his... Cup your hand around the bottom of the phone (under the keypad) and give the phone a gentle smack into your hand...

    This is by no means a good sign that this fixes it, it proves a lose connection is the cause of these earlier treo's failing...
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    I had the same problem and my phone would reboot at least once a day. I did a diags display (##377) and got an error message containing HALRadioOmap. I did a search on PalmOne which resulted in this:

    "If you receive this error, your smartphone has a hardware issue that requires a repair. It cannot be resolved by the consumer; you must send it to a certified palmOne repair facility for service. Arrange for a repair now."

    So I took it into the local store and told them about the error and PalmOne's article. The guy took the phone into the back room and came back a few minutes later saying that they didn't have any T600s in stock, that they would have to order one and it would take 2-3 days.

    I immediately told him that I was going on a business trip for two weeks and could not live without a phone for that long. I asked him to check with other stores to see if they had stock. His coworker went into the backroom and a few minutes later walked out with a brand new unit. He activated it on the spot and I put my SD card in to restore my BackupMan backup. Viola! Within minutes, I was back in business with a brand new phone!!

    One thing -- I do have to agree with others that the screen on the new PalmOne version isn't nearly as good as the Handspring version. You have to be looking at it straight on for a clean, white background. With the slightest tilt the background gets a blueish tint.

    Anyway, just thought I would share a happy story about Sprint...NO complaints here!!!

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    I seemed to be having the problem as everyone else (constant dropped calls, network unavailable, phone crashing...bla bla bla). So I went to the local Sprint Store (Union City, CA).

    I explained that in addition to my phone acting very wierd, I had also dropped the phone several times (the volume keys were broken, a couple keys on the keypad stopped working)...So I asked if the phone would replaced with the Insurance plan (which I had just signed-up for 2 months prior) or via the Warranty Program. The guy took the phone back to the technician, then came back and said they would do it under warranty! Cool!

    So I just picked up my new phone yesterday...and everything is working fine now!
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    I had every symptom that has been given in this forum. It frustrated me because I would have "full" battery life and yet it would drop my calls and constantly search for the network. On top of that, the data connection would not work at all. I tried to bring it to a sprint store and get them to replace it, and even though it is still under waranty, I bought it on ebay so they would in no way replace it. So I used my only other option, I went and bought the 2000 mAh battery from .
    They give you the option to buy some torx screw drivers and a case opener tool from them, but with an 89c torx bit and some good fingernails it doesn't take too long to do. Well to get to the point, I have not had a single issue with my treo since the swap. Every call goes through perfect, data is fast, AND the battery lasts much longer than the stock Treo battery ever did. I can use it casually for phone and pda all day and at it's worst the battery will drop to 75%, usually 85% is more like it. I talked and talked for hours the other night and only managed to get it to 70% so far. So if your waranty is expired or you're just tired of bad battery life, i'd really recommend buying the PDA parts battery.
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    I am not the "couputer guy" or "IT guy" but I have filled in from time to time and it is not often that I can't figure something out.

    I am in the same boat. I inherited the Treo 600 from my boss. It was given to me for the same reason everyone else has; dropped signal.

    Based on the fact that it works on AC just fine. I am buying a new battery from PDA Parts. If it was anything else it would also happen with the the AC plugged in.

    Everyone comments that it works fine and then the problem gets worse. Well what is the one part of your Treo that would work fine and then deteriate. The battery. There are really no moving parts in the telephone so nothing can wear out; like a car.

    If I am wrong, and that does happen. I will do update the message board of my failure.

    Before you go buy a battery. Check to see if your phone works fine the the AC Pluged in. And if it never worked in the first place, this solution is not for you.
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    I was right about the battery and I agree with just bringing it back to the Sprint Store. If you find yourself in my shoes whereas it was a hand-me-down, a replacement battery did the trick.

    The new battery I got is better then the standard battery. I get great quality of signal with just one bar. In the past my old Sprint phone would not work very well in the same areas. This one is better.

    I noticed in the manual for the Treo phone they mention to keep your battery topped off. I wonder why they made that comment.
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